Your Free Bonuses

One of the greatest features of The Tao Of Badass is the FREE bonuses you get.

I’m not reviewing them all – there are just too many – but I’ll list the ones available at the time I bought the program (March 2013):

A 5 module video course on Body Language – the key to judging people as they really are. Your body language is driven by your emotions, which in turn are controlled by your beliefs about yourself (in particular, how attractive and confident you feel around women). This means your body language gives away exactly how you feel around women.

That might or might not be good…. as you probably already know! So what are you going to do about this? Soak up the free 5 module course in body language, and never get caught out by a woman again.

Or anyone else for that matter.

Stop women reading you like a book, and even better, find out what she’s thinking and feeling. Send the right messages about your dominance and desirability to both women and other men. This stuff can change your life! They are invaluable, essential skills for getting together with a woman.

For example, the Tao Of Badass video series covers all aspects of body language so you really can be the dominant male in any group – and that’s the man who women want.

Subliminal programming for confidence around womena series of tapes which will put confident messages into your subconscious, changing your behavior around women. For the better.

Bonus Books – The Tao Of Badass eBook is supplemented by loads of other material: these 4 bonus eBooks are packed with essential information for each of these situations – Escaping The Friend Zone; Monogomy vs. Polyamory; Breaking Up Like a Man; Never Get Cheated On.

I’m still reading through them, but if they’re all like the one on how to avoid the dreaded words “Let’s just be friends” then I can tell you they are ESSENTIAL!

I mean, where else would you get this stuff? Your dad? Your highly successful-with-women buddy? (No, I think your dad never knew it and your friend’s too busy f*cking to tell you.)

The Badass Resources Page! This is a bonus library of information containing anything you ever wanted to know about attraction, dating, sex, relationships, fitness, fashion, PUArtistry and overall badassery.

One of the secrets to getting good at something FAST is to find someone who is already good at it, and learn directly from them.

That’s what you can do here, as the best experts in the field of dating and pick up and seduction and relationships have provided this knowledge to the free resources section of Badass so you can create the kind of life you’ve always wanted! Here’s what it contains:

The Tao of Badass Bonuses – In-depth videos explaining techniques from the Badass eBook: How to Turn Women On With Your Walk; How to Demonstrate High Value; How to Qualify a Girl; How to Build Deep Rapport; How to Escalate Physically; How to Get Out Of The Friend Zone; How to Attract A Woman At The Workplace; How to Get a Girl Attracted to You

Joshua Pellicer’s Master-Class Interview Series:  (incredibly useful!)

  • The Attraction Flowchart – Step-by-Step Blueprint For Attracting ANY Girl
  • The Banter Line Cheat Sheet – For When You Don’t Know What To Say
  • How to Make a Girl Fall For You: Creating a Genuine and Powerful Connection
  • Topics For Building Deep Rapport
  • How to Meet Girls Online
  • Cut and Paste This MAGNETIC Profile
  • How to Message a Girl to Make Her Chase You
  • How to Text a Girl: Texting Genius Reveals How He Gets Over 7,000 Texts A Month
  • Te New Rules of Texting
  • Using Text Messaging To Create Powerful Arousal
  • The Badass Texting Guide
  • How to Get Your Ex Back – get full details here
  • How to Deal With a Breakup or Divorce
  • Proven Strategy for Getting Over Your Ex as Fast as Possible
  • Webinar: The 7 Biggest Mistakes That Will Keep You From Ever Getting Your Ex back
  • How to Date Models: Hacking The System for Dating Extremely High-Status Women
  • Secrets to Infiltrating High-End Social Circles (From Scratch)
  • How to Be a Rockstar in the Bedroom: Getting Her Back to Your Place, Giving Her The Best Orgasm She’s Ever Had, Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life, Two Hot Girls Teach Their Favorite Sex Positions (3 Free Downloads, Plus Vide0)

By the way, those early Pick Up Artists you might have seen on the internet were creeps. You need to be a decent guy to build a relationship with a woman, not a creep! If you’re going to be a pick up artist, at least use the techniques of a guy who knows how to do it properly! That Guy is Joshua Pellicer.