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Tao of badass ebook
Tao Of Badass eBook

The main part of the Tao Of Badass is an eBook. (There are plenty of MP3s, videos and extra bonuses too.)

This contains all the information, tricks, dating techniques and relationship strategies you need  to date loads of women – or at least, that’s what the author says!

But I think most guys want one of two things from the Tao of Badass: sex with an attractive woman on a casual basis, or a real relationship that’s satisfying, happy and full of great sex.

What Do You Want?
Sex Or A Relationship? Or Both?

When you watch the introductory video on The Tao Of Badass you might get the impression that you’re gonna be turned into a babe magnet with the ability to screw several chicks at once. 

Or that you’ll be able to go out with several chicks at once – and they’ll all love you for it because they want you so much!

Now I’ll admit there are some “specialist” seduction techniques techniques you can use to plug straight into a woman’s brain which can make this happen. In fact, the seduction community, the pickup artist community, call it what you will, has been one of the biggest things on the Internet for many years. 

And those techniques really do work. They’re a kind of NLP. (I know about this stuff because I have a degree in psychology.)

But as Joshua Pellicer, the author of the BADASS eBook, admits, many of these guys are pretty incompetent when it comes to anything beyond getting a woman into bed.

That in itself should tell you something about the seduction community and the techniques of pickup artists: there’s no substance to them; their techniques are based purely on sexual attraction.

Go beyond the bedroom and there’s not much of a relationship there.

Sincere relationships with The Tao of Badass
No woman would tolerate her boyfriend screwing around.

I mean, what woman with any self-respect would tolerate her boyfriend in a long term relationship screwing several other women at the same time?

You KNOW that’s NEVER going to happen. So forget the pickup artist BS! 

But if all you want is sex, it’s true there are some very valuable seduction techniques in this program. And they do work: I know because I have a degree in psychology, and I’ve looked very carefully at the claims Joshua makes about the simple techniques you can use to get a woman into bed. Yes, it can be done.

It’s about body language, communication, empathy, and bypassing filters that mean a woman will stop looking at you as a potential long-term lover or friend, and instead look at you as a short-term bed mate.

And what I’m saying to you is: you have to decide exactly what you’re going for here. It’s a lot easier to work on getting a decent girlfriend and a steady relationship than it is to aim for being the pickup artist who’s screwing several women at once. It’s a lot less emotionally demanding, and it’s a lot more emotionally satisfying.

Yes! You Want A Relationship!


The Tao of Badass can get you a relationship, yes?
Deep down, most people do want a relationship!

Which takes us on to the question of whether or not the Tao of Badass eBook is actually any good for giving you the skills you need to get a girlfriend.

The very fact that the website’s titled Dating Tips for Men might suggest author Joshua Pellicer really believes this eBook is for guys who like the idea of a good long-term relationship. And maybe he’s not. (As I said, this site is great for getting sex if that’s what you’re after.)

And that brings us on to the question of how come you’re not in a relationship already?

Be honest. Are you struggling with relationships, maybe a little bit? I’m assuming you wouldn’t even be reading this if you didn’t think something was missing from your love life / relationship skills / dating technique.

I totally understand how you’re feeling. I’ve not told this to many people, but I guess now’s as good a time as any to reveal all: I didn’t get into a relationship with a woman until I was 39, and sex was more or less a mystery to me. (Give a woman an orgasm? Why would I do that?)

Are relationships - and women - a mystery to you?
Are relationships – and women – a mystery to you?

So I’m on your side here. Not that I want you to feel sorry for me, because now I’m in a great relationship and I have great sex … and I learned a lot of the skills and abilities I needed to get them from the Internet.

So as I say, I’m on your side and I’m certainly not trying to sell you the Tao of Badass EBook. You might buy it, or you might not, but that’s your decision.

After all, you’re a man who’s competent enough to make decisions about his own life and what he wants. Right? Right.

The Importance Of Being In Your Natural Gender Role

And so really this is where the program starts once you get past the introductory video. As the video says, the Tao of Badass gives you the information you need to be very confident with women, no matter what you want from them.

What I mean by “where the program starts” is this: first you get the information you need to understand exactly what women want from men in a relationship.

Are you thinking, “Yeah, but that’s different for every woman”?

Because if you are, then you need to think again.

Let me ask you a question. Do you feel like a “real man”? Do you feel “masculine”? Do you know what it means when people say “He’s a manly man”?

And if there was a scale where zero – 0 – was completely feminine and 100 was completely masculine, where would you put yourself on it? Just think about that for a moment.


Men and women - apples and pears? Or more alike than we know?
Men and women – apples and pears? Or more alike than we know?

I don’t really care where you put yourself on that scale, to be honest, because what I know about most men in society is that they have no sense of what masculinity is, and they certainly have no sense of what women are looking for in a man.

You see, we men are at a disadvantage when we grow up. We have to learn how to be men. Women have it easy by comparison.

They’re born to a woman, they stick around their mother, they pick up exactly what it means to be feminine every minute of every day from their mother and their mother’s friends and their sisters… and all the other female relatives and friends they come across.

That’s how it is for them; their world is the world of the feminine.

Now think of a little boy born to a woman. Yes, he’s completely dependent on her for quite some time after he’s born. 

But there comes a point where he begins to realize he’s different to her. 

Hardly surprising. Not least, he has a dick, and he knows or guesses that girls and women don’t. So now he wants to be more like – well, who?

Boys want to be like their dads.
Boys want to be like their dads.

His father, for sure. He wants to learn how to be a man from his father. He wants to be able to do all the things that boys like to do with the support of his father, rather than have his mother saying “be careful” or “put your coat on” every time he just wants to play in the way that boys do.

Not that there’s nothing wrong with that – it’s a mother’s job to protect. And it’s the father’s job to give the boy confidence to go out in the world and explore who he is, and to find his place in the world. 

In fact, it’s the father’s job to support the boy as his masculinity develops. And an important part of that is to teach the boy how he should “be” with women…. and by that I mean partly by example (being a real man around women), and partly by actually instructing his boy (sharing his knowledge, hanging out with him).

That is how a dad shows a boy how to be a man. And then at 13 or 14, there needs to be some sort of initiation process which introduces a boy into the secrets of masculinity in the society that he lives in.

Sidebar – Father Richard Rohr on initiation.

Well, at least that’s the theory.

In practice most of our fathers were not taught how to be men, and certainly don’t know how to be strong and powerful and compassionate and loving with women. 

Many of them wimp out because they find it easier NOT to stand up for themselves, or because they just don’t know HOW to stand up for themselves; and many of them don’t fulfill their responsibilities to their children (boys or girls) either because they’re just not there or because they find it easier to work all the time.

And some dads let everybody down by their behavior – uncontrolled emotion, violence, and worse….

So is it any wonder that you don’t know how to be in a relationship with a woman?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that somehow you just grow up knowing this stuff. Nothing could be further from the truth. You have to be taught how to be a man, you have to learn how to be with women in the way that they desire. 

If not from your father, then who?

Fortunately, you can be shown this at any age by a man who knows all this stuff himself. Or…..

You can get it in The Badass eBook!

Which, come to think of it, is very much like being taught by a man who knows it all. His name is Joshua Pellicer; he is the author of this Tao of Badass eBook and all the other huge amount of content that goes with it.

Let’s pause for a moment.

I just want to you to think about what I’ve said. Do you know what women want from you? 

Which means: do you know what will turn a woman on, give her a little tingle in her pants at the thought of you, and make her loyal, adoring, respectful, and devoted to you, ready to make love to you simply because she desires you so much?

No. Of course you don’t. I think maybe 1% or 2% of men at the most know this.

And that’s why people like Joshua Pellicer have made fortunes from selling programs on the Internet.

They sell them to men, maybe like you, who know something is lacking – something they really need to succeed in the dating game, in attracting women, and in having a good relationship.

Make no mistake about it. When you’re being the man a woman wants and you can give her what she needs to feel safe secure and happy, she will stay with you because you’ve marked yourself out as a man who’s a cut above the rest. 

Sidebar – What do women want from a man?

Here’s what they want….

A man who’s different to most of the wimps out there. (For wimp read “feminized man”, a man who does not behave in a male gender role. A man who is not in control of himself, his life or the relationship.)

When a woman feels safe, secure and happy with a man she desires him sexually. That’s because subconsciously she’s got him marked down as a potentially good father to her children. 

Nowadays, of course, we all have the choice of having kids or not; even so, what women are motivated to find is a man who they subconsciously see as a man capable of, to put it crudely, providing for and protecting them and their children.

Something important emerges from this: “providing” and “protecting” mean something different in our modern society from what they used to mean. It’s not about financially providing; it’s not about protecting against the invading hordes from a foreign tribe. And we can consider ourselves very fortunate because of that.

The Tao Explains Gender Roles For You!

I’m sure you can see how everything you do in life, including the way you are in your relationships with women, comes from the beliefs you hold about yourself and about the world in general. What do you believe women want from a man, for example?

Whatever you believe about women plays out when you are with them. 

(The same is true, as we shall see, of what you believe about yourself.) 

Say you have a set of beliefs that are actually incorrect (e.g. women want a “macho” man, or a rich man, or women are all “gold diggers” at heart). Then your behavior towards women is going to be in line with those beliefs.

If you haven’t been having much success in this area, then the first place you need to start looking is the beliefs you hold about yourself, about women, and about men and women in relationship; especially the beliefs that are stopping you from getting what you want.

Joshua Pellicer
Joshua Pellicer

In the very first section of the Tao of Badass eBook, Joshua tackles these beliefs and how they screw us up as men.

Then he reveals the fundamental truths and realities about gender roles in our society.

In other words, he tells you exactly how men and women “should” behave to get the most satisfaction, pleasure, and fulfillment from being with the opposite sex. 

That’s the behavior that catapults you out of the friend zone and into the lover zone.

You might think that all men and all women are different. And of course, in some ways you’d be right. But the truth is that at our roots, in our deepest selves, once you’ve brushed away the flim-flam, all men are driven by the same fundamental male instincts, and all women are driven by the same female instincts. 

Any Tao of Badass review wouldn’t be complete without making this point: you have to work on your natural skills and abilities.

And when there’s a polarity of masculinity and femininity that allows a woman to express these deepest aspects of herself with a man, sparks fly, because physical attraction is immediate. 

And from that comes emotional attraction, and the possibility of a long-term relationship.

But, as I said above, very few boys learn how to be men from their fathers in our society.

Joshua’s summed up all this information about gender roles in a clear, clean, understandable way. That’s Part 1 of the Tao of Badass eBook.

Make no mistake though. Important though this is, you do not have to be a completely different man to succeed with women. 

Rather, you have to “switch on” those parts of your masculinity that are not currently working, or tune up those parts of your masculinity that aren’t working well.

John Wayne
John Wayne – a macho man on-screen, a gentle giant off-screen.

What is a “real man”? It has nothing to do with the John Wayne, swaggering macho-man image.

It’s much more about things like having integrity (doing what you say you will do), holding yourself accountable (taking responsibility for the consequences of your actions, intended or unintended); it’s about moral strength, having a set of values by which you live, maybe having a mission or purpose in life which is greater than yourself; it’s about being loyal to those you care for; about keeping your word.

About doing the right thing.

About being a decent, honorable man who lives in accordance with the impulses of his male gender.

And make no mistake, most of us men don’t do these things. Many of us were brought up by women who were frightened of male energy, and consciously or unconsciously tried to suppress it with “NO”: “Don’t do that.”  “Be careful.”  “Don’t take risks.”  “You’ll fall if you do that.” You know what I’m talking about. 

As I already explained, fathers are often not around to provide the necessary male energy boys need, or if they are around they just don’t know how to do it, and sometimes they’re just too feminized themselves to see what’s needed.

If you think about the men you admire, would you say there was anything “feminine” or feminized about them? How do you think you compare to them? 

So, back to the subject of beliefs. One of the key things about the female gender is a desire for a man who is strong enough to accept female emotions without flinching or responding as though it was all personal. 


Understand women with The Tao of Badass
At last I understand women!

The problem is, most men think a woman’s feelings are personal. But Man, they are just HER feelings. HER judgements. HER stuff. You need to learn how to deal with it logically. The Tao Of Badass eBook shows you how to do this.

Most men come from an emotional place in the relationship, which is actually the woman’s job. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that men can’t be emotional, or open or feeling. Of course they can.

The point is that in a relationship women require a steady rock against which their emotions can “bash” – think of the waves crashing on a rock, which remains unmoved by the power. 

If you see the waves as feminine emotion and yourself as the rock, then you’re getting somewhere near the ideal state of the male-female relationship.

And the interesting thing is that when men can be as solid as that for a woman, the woman’s emotionality decreases over time.

The reason being, she feels safe, which is one of the fundamental things all women want from a man. (Along with being cherished, being desired, and a number of others.)

As Joshua says: “What it really means is that you’re not allowed to make emotionally-based decisions. If you start making emotionally-based decisions, the women you’re with will feel that they can’t make emotionally-based decisions. Two emotional people do not make a healthy relationship!

“To compensate, the women will begin to replace their feelings with logic, and will start to lead the relationship. Role reversal will occur: you will be forced into the female gender role, and she will be forced into the male gender role. Neither of you will be happy with the dynamic in the relationship, and you will blame each other for your unhappiness.”

How do you change your beliefs? Check out Hacking Attraction !

The Importance Of Confidence

Confidence comes from the tao of badass
Confidence is everything when in a relationship with a woman!

As I already said, all women are different in some ways, but what they all want and find attractive in a man is actually pretty similar. 

To start with, they all want a man who’s confident. 

And the interesting thing is, men who are confident appeal to women, regardless of how physically attractive they are.

You’ve seen this yourself, many times, as in: “What’s she doing with that douchebag!!!? Answer – she’s with him because he’s  being CONFIDENT. He’s being MASCULINE.)

Get this: men don’t have to be attractive to be confident. They just need to be confident to be attractive. To get a woman you just need to be confident. Or believe you are confident. Or, at the very least, to act as if you are confident – until you really are confident.

I know how true this is. When I was a psychology researcher I did a project on attraction.

What did I find? In a nutshell: men who say they’re confident, and men who believe they’re confident are 75% more likely to be a satisfying long-term relationship.

By the way, you’ve probably seen certain men with beautiful women and wondered “how on earth did they get together?”

If you assumed the answer is probably something to do with money, forget it. No! It’s to do with confidence. 

And confidence does not have to depend on money.

Whether you’re confident or not depends mostly on what you believe about yourself. So again, changing those beliefs will change how confident you feel.

But it does more than that: it changes how confident you look, the way you behave, the emotions you feel, and most of all it changes your body language. And that’s what a woman picks up on.

Over the years, there have been many simplistic books and eBooks about body language which offer hints and tricks about how you can fool people by consciously controlling your body language.

So What Will The Tao Teach You?

Your body language can give you away....
Your body language can give you away….

As the Tao Of Badass eBook rightly says, the truth is that very few people have the ability to control their body language all the time, long term.

99.9% of the time the truth will leak out in the way you hold yourself, the way you look at people, the way you speak to people.

I mean, you know that’s true from your own experience. When your beliefs about yourself are positive, you feel good about yourself and all that stuff shows in your body language. You stand up straight, you smile, you look at girls with strong eye contact, and they know you’re powerful and attractive. 

You’re naturally displaying all the qualities that women are attracted to.

Sidebar: Some men I worked with believed there was nothing going for them. WRONG! There’s always something going for you. As in: you’re reading this Tao Of Badass review, aren’t you?

So you want to change for the better, right? 

Well, your desire for self-improvement is a very positive and desirable trait for a woman. It shows how much you value yourself.

(Now, do you have the power to follow that desire up with ACTION? Answer – yes, of course you do. And you’re going to, aren’t you? After all, the woman who wants YOU is out there waiting for you. Right now.)

Often women will watch a man for some time to see how he reacts to situations where, for example, he might be challenged. 

By watching his body language she will know how confident he is, and what beliefs he holds about himself.

This may make women sound a bit manipulative, but you need to understand that it’s all automatic and unconscious. It’s not done in a manipulative or calculating way – it’s just how things are. It’s one of the ways the female gender role plays out.

And anyway, if you think about it, it’s actually very similar to many of the things you do when you look at a woman: you make judgments about her, and her sexuality, and how you and she might fit together, on the basis of what you see.

So once again it looks like you have to change those beliefs about yourself.

You can’t really do this without help. Happily for all of us who feel a bit wimpish from time to time, Joshua’s set out a complete step-by-step guide to changing your self-beliefs.

I’m not going to go into it here, but he uses the latest principles of psychology, well proven over the last ten years, to make it as easy as possible for you to hold a healthier, more positive set of beliefs about yourself. Isn’t that fantastic? 

So many men think they’re stuck with old beliefs, and yet they can be changed.

And if your beliefs can be changed – then you can change. That’s simple and incredibly profound.

The steps of changing your beliefs are: challenging the old one, accepting a new one, proclaiming the new one, checking out how it works (getting feedback), adapting as necessary, and finally accepting that belief as fact.

Here’s Joshua again: “When I realized I could hack into my brain, hack into my belief systems, that’s when I really began to study everything that I’m teaching you now.

In fact, being aware that you can control your value just by believing that you are attractive is such a powerful concept that this alone will give you massive amounts of success very quickly. 

Though it’s not sustainable all by itself, it’s still like turbocharging your badass skills with women.

My Badass Review Speaks The Truth!

There many ways that we try and increase our sense of self-worth: it ranges from buying presents and drinks for people (and this can be a way of begging for approval), through making yourself feel better by putting others down and competing with them, all the way  to just simply knowing that you’re so worthwhile and confident that you can cooperate with others.

Here’s Joshua again: “We’ve arrived at the final category. Those with a self-worth of Nine and Ten [on a scale of 0 to 10] have what is referred to as cooperative dynamics – they gain value by making other people feel happier and more valuable. This kind of person is satisfied only when he is able to improve the lives of others around him. It’s easy to spot Nines and Tens because they are constantly making people feel good, always have nice things to say about people, and focus on bringing out the positive aspects of others. This is a quality that women find completely, irresistibly attractive in men.”

How Does the Tao Of Badass eBook System Work?

Let’s start with the philosophy behind The Tao of Badass. Read this: “Most guys view success with women as something that just happens to them. Listen to the way they talk about it, and you’ll see what I mean.

Phrases like “getting lucky” and “getting laid” – even the idea of “falling in love” – all imply that the occurrence was an accident. 

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that you and I have no interest in being the kind of men who just find themselves in good situations. We are the kind of men who create good situations.


You create your luck with women.
You create your luck with women.

Get that? You CREATE success with women. You don’t “get lucky.” You don’t “get laid.” At least, not if you buy into the Tao Of Badass!

To be consistently successful, your whole being needs to be aligned with the belief, the expectation, that you’re successful with women. Again, it’s all about changing your beliefs….

images-failure-with-womenOnce you buy into The Tao of Badass, you’ll be shown how to do this in many ways: in the eBook, in live videos, in person, in webinars, and in the forum – with 100% support from like-minded men, all learning how to build the relationship they want with the kind of woman they desire.

In one particular section of the Tao of Badass, Joshua Pellicer sets out a complete system that teaches you everything you need to know to be a hit with women, starting with how to change what you believe about yourself even before you meet them.

He explains gender roles, how to approach women, talk to them, impress them, generate rapport and build intimacy with them. 

And then he tells you how to do it. How to be a pick-up artist.

He explains everything you need to know to really put this knowledge to use and develop any kind of relationship you want with any kind of woman. Yes, truly.

Here’s Joshua again: “There’s a hidden psychology that 99.99% of men in the world never even know exists. The map of interaction is composed of four phases: attraction, rapport, seduction and a relationship balance. Humans naturally go through these stages with everyone they meet (though, of course, when you meet a guy, you’re going to skip seduction!). You can skip any step you want, but doing so will have consequences. Fortunately, the consequences are predictable.

“If you skip the stage of attraction, you’ll fall into the friend zone. If you skip the stage of rapport, you’ll encounter a lot of resistance, and any relationship that develops later will suffer from trust issues. If you skip the stage of seduction, you’ll likely find yourself in a passionless relationship and, finally, if you skip the stage of relationship balance, you’ll continuously bounce from girl to girl forever.”

Excited yet? Well, you should be, because this part of the program, The Tao of Badass eBook example, explains every stage of this process and how you can master it in detail.

Joshua is a highly successful one to one coach with men who want to get together with women, and he offers a fantastic added bonus to all the other products (read about them in the links across the top of this page):  in the members’ area of this site, you get all his secret techniques and a bunch of awesome tools that he usually only shows to students on his coaching courses.

All I’m doing here is reviewing the basic eBook of this course, and it’s packed full of information, so I can’t possibly tell you everything that’s in it. So let me instead tell you what you’ll learn in this section of the course:

  • showing a woman how valuable you are (yes you are, remember – you changed your beliefs about yourself so that’s exactly how are, and how you come across)
  • how to strike up and maintain a conversation with woman makes her see you as a man worth “chasing”
  • how to give a woman the chance to feel worthy of meeting you
  • what the real meaning of attraction is
  • how to strike up rapport in a gradual way so that it’s completely natural and real
  • how to build rapport and get sexual
  • how to keep the relationship going smoothly and happily
  • the importance of touch in picking up and dating women

Seduction Techniques 


The tao of badass formula fro success with women
The Tao of Badass formula for success with women

These deserve a mention of their own. Seduction isn’t nearly as complicated or as magical as most guys seem to think it is.

Successful seduction requires the right level of trust, which is easy to establish with Tao Of Badass techniques, even on a woman you’ve just met.

Trust requires her to feel emotionally engaged. Again, with the techniques available in the Tao of Badass, emotional engagement is a cinch. And successful seduction requires her to feel some attraction.

As you know, attraction depends on how confident and powerful you seem to her (we’re back to your self-beliefs again).

You won’t find this information anywhere else. The Tao breaks down every step of the relationship route, from start to finish, using small simple steps that make perfect sense and are extremely easy to use “for real.”

Relationship Balance

You get “Relationship Balance” when four major factors intertwine to make a relationship comfortable and suited to you and the woman:

  • power or leadership
  • compliance
  • value
  • neediness.

And you can influence exactly what happens in a relationship by deliberately changing all or any of these factors about yourself. Is this manipulative? NO, definitely not. It’s really about establishing harmony through conscious choice. 

This is something that keeps a relationship working, not something that manipulates it for your own advantage.

Just think it would be like to have the tools to be in complete control of your relationship and how it functions! Wonderful! My Tao of Badass review showed me you really can have all this and more.

And the great thing is you don’t constantly have to think about it. All you need is to have an awareness of these factors so that you can see the bigger picture. 


Differences between men and women
Differences between men and women

With Joshua’s help, The Tao of Badass explains how to recognize these stages of a relationship and what to do about them.

This means no matter what stage of a relationship you’re at, you can figure out where you are and what to do next. That gives you the power to move from one stage of the relationship to the next and to escalate it so that it constantly moves forward. In this way, nothing is “lucky” or by chance. 

Everything that happens will be by your design; you’ll have complete control over your interactions with women.

When he’s shown you and explained how to use the ideas I’ve mentioned above, you’ll have complete knowledge of how to build a relationship.

As Joshua says: “So there you have it! The complete system. Give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far. The remainder of this book is dedicated to helping you use this system to control attraction, rapport, seduction and relationship balance.”

This is a no-brainer: you want a relationship?

Then get the Tao eBook and all the videos, MP3 recordings, free access to member’s area secret techniques, seduction techniques, sensual techniques, the support forums, and the opportunity of one-to-one coaching. 

All this will make you more successful with women than you ever thought possible!

Sidebar: Talk about support! There is a map in the members’ area showing how many members of Badass live near you  – all potential buddies to chat with and exchange ideas as you gain confidence with women. I’m in Sacramento, CA: there are over 1000 men near me. A friend of mine lives in London – he has nearly 1500 men to choose from if he wants support….. this is HOT stuff, man!