Badass Power And Control In Dating

Are You In Charge of Your Sex Life?
And Your Romantic Life?

No? Maybe?

Well, the great news is that Tao Of Badass will give you COMPLETE power and choice over what happens to you in your relationships.

Most men are not in control of their love life. In fact, most men rely on luck, on chance, or “whatever” in this area.

You can hear that in the way they speak about “getting laid”, “falling in love”, “chancing it” and so on. Like love and sex somehow just “happens” to them, and they sound like they can’t influence things. Or get what they want.

You and I have no interest in being that kind of man.

You and I have no NEED to be that kind of man.

You and I can be the kind of man who goes out and creates the world we want.

That’s what a Badass really is: a creator of his own good fortune, his own life.

These are all men who are devoted to achieving success, total success, in building the kind of relationship they want, with the kind of woman they desire. And that includes you.

Understand women with The Tao of Badass
At last a way to understand women!

Now, I’m a man who hates complexity.

Even though I want to be in charge of my life, I want my life to be easy.

That’s why I like Joshua Pellicer’s approach to Tao Of Badass. It’s simple and easy.

By the way, the Tao Of Badass isn’t just an e-book. The techniques Pellicer teaches around dating, women, relationships, seduction, and the rest are all available on live videos; you can join in webinars; you can talk to all th eother men learning how to be Badasses – thousands of them – in the community forum.

And in addition to all the information you get, Pellicer sets out a complete step-by-step program that will show you every single thing you need to know to be a hit with women.

That includes moving fully into your male gender role and your masculinity, changing faulty negative beliefs about yourself, and above all, increasing your self-confidence – in every way!

  • Pellicer also explains how you can powerfully put this knowledge into action, to become a man with absolute confidence about approaching women.
  • He explains the four phases of interaction between men and women.
  • He explains how you build a relationship, telling you exactly what to do, in a step-by-step guide.
  • This part of the program explains every stage of the process of getting into a relationship with somebody, and shows you how you can master it.
  • Pellicer learned his skills then coached men one-to-one on how to approach and seduce women.
  • He gives you all of those skills and techniques in the members’ area of his website. And that’s in addition to everything you get in the basic Tao Of Badass e-book.
  • You can see videos of how to do this for real. This is not some untested theory!

Find out what masculinity really means, too.

Is this guy masculine? Or not? What do you think a woman really wants?
Is this guy masculine? Or not? What do you think a woman really wants?

Bonuses and more…

There are other bonuses too. One of the most interesting is all about seduction techniques.

In case you didn’t know it, before you can seduce a woman, she has to trust you.

Sure, some women need to feel trust more than others, but all women need to trust a man to some degree before they’ll go to bed with him.

  • If you don’t know how to establish trust with a woman, this Tao Of Badass information alone would be enough to make the program worth buying.
  • With the techniques that Joshua shows you, seduction is a cinch.
  • It makes emotional engagement with women easy.
  • It shows you how you can make a woman trust you.
  • You will NOT find this information anywhere else.

What all this amounts to is a complete relationship guide, from start to finish, set out in small, easy-to-understand steps.

Small steps that you can actually see on video, steps that you can discuss in a forum with hundreds of other men who are all on your side.

Men who will be completely supportive of you as you get into your deeper relationships with women.

Tao Of Badass e-book shows you how to use this complete system of relationship building to control every aspect of your interaction with women: attraction, establishing rapport, seduction, getting into relationship, and having the right balance of masculine and feminine energy in the relationship.

Summing Up The Principles Of Badass

This is the best, most complete system possible for men wanting sex, a relationship, a female friend, a fuck buddy, whatever.

You get the amazing Tao Of Badass e-book, with all the juicy things described above, including the Tao Of Badass videos and the Tao Of Badass MP3 recordings, PLUS free bonuses of secret seduction techniques, places to openly discuss sexual techniques, and even one-to-one coaching,

And get this: Tao Of Badass members’ area contains a map you can use to find all of the members of Badass who live near you. You can actually meet these people online and in person (if they have shown their location in their profile).

To give you an example of this, I looked at London, and there were almost 2500 men to choose from: that’s 2500 potential buddies, 2500 potential supporters, 2500 potential mentors, 2500 potential friends. This is absolutely amazing!

Do I think the Tao Of Badass is a great program? Obviously I do.

Will it get you the girls? YES ! I believe so.

Are you going to try it? Well, with a money-back guarantee, what have you to lose? See the picture in the right hand column of this page for more information.

Video – Getting out of the friend zone. (No sex!)