Tao Of Badass eBook – Does it Work?

A “Badass” is a man who knows women.

He knows and understands the techniques and behaviours that make women want him.

He knows how to approach women, what makes them feel attraction, and how to build rapport with them.

He understands what women want, and knowing this, he knows how easy it is to approach and talk to them, turn them on, get them into bed, and have a great relationship.

That man is YOU.

None of those things need be left to chance (which is how 99% of men in the world run their sexual relationships). Fact is, you can be different!

Truth is – you can easily and quickly pick up the skills and techniques that every man needs to be confident with women.

No matter how frightening you might find the idea of approaching women right now, that will change. No matter how high or low your confidence around women is right now, that will change.

If you want to screw around (it’s natural for men to do this before they settle down), the world is going to open up for you.

If you want a successful, fulfilling, long term relationship, you’re going to get one. And whether you enjoy sex in a stable relationship or outside it, you’re gonna have the best sex of your life.

The Tao Tells All!

You see, the thing is, none of us men really learn anything about how to approach women, or how to be with women as we grow up. That’s the kind of stuff our fathers should teach us – well, no point expecting that anytime soon.

After all, most of our fathers just don’t know how to be around women either.

So it’s down to YOU. With a little help from the Tao of Badass!

This is YOUR TIME and YOUR PLACE – the one where you find out exactly what women want in a man – and how to give it to them.

So: you’re gonna find out how you can be that man – by using such easy and simple techniques you’ll look back at yourself in six months’ time, and wonder how you ever managed without the Tao of Badass. (Actually, I’m guessing you didn’t manage without it, which is why you’re reading this right now.)

Once you’ve found out how you can be that man, you’re going to become him. And by that, I mean you’re gonna have all the qualities that women want in a man: confidence, a sense of power, masculinity, the ability to establish rapport, the ability to make a woman feel safe, the ability to give her what she wants – in the way that will make her “tingle” for you. Fact. Have no doubts, man.

This is life changing stuff, so I hope you’re taking it seriously. If you want a relationship, or you just want sex, or you want both, look no further than the Tao of Badass.

Reviewing this program made me realize how powerful it is. Now I’m going to tell you why I know it works.

In fact, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I didn’t get into a relationship with a woman till I was 39. Up to that point, I had to pay for sex. No woman wanted to go to bed with me. I was firmly stuck in the “friend zone”.

And boy, what a good friend I was! Did I like it? Yeah, somewhat. Was I frustrated? Hell, yes. Did I know what to do about it? You already know the answer to that. 39 – holy crap. I’m ashamed to think of it, even now.

I had to find out what to do with women the hard way: trial and error, step-by-step, making mistakes, feeling like a fool. Workshop after workshop. Lots of therapy.

And if I’d had the Tao of Badass review, it would’ve taken me six months tops to get a woman, get a relationship, change my life, settle down… all that shit.

Which, of course, isn’t shit at all. It’s what we all want.

Whether you want to go through your “screwing around” phase with lots of hot chicks, or you want a deeper relationship with a woman, or you just want to feel more confident, or you want to enjoy sex with a woman who turns you on and who’s excited by you, the Tao of Badass is for you.

Now, I know this isn’t sounding exactly like an unbiased review. And in a way it isn’t. But the thing is – I know these techniques work because they are the ones I discovered over 14 years (from age 25, when I decided things had to change, to age 39, when they finally did change). Boy, did I ever waste some time! So I’m telling you man, right now, you are not gonna waste years of your life searching for sex and relationships in the way I did.

No! Instead you’re going to take control. You’re going to make yourself into a man. You’re going to succeed beyond your wildest dreams with women.

If you review the Tao of Badass review you’ll see it has all the techniques you could ever need to transform your life in every area (because this stuff works in every area). You’ll hear exactly how to take control of your life and WOW the women.

And you’re going to do it because you can. No matter what you think about your skills and abilities now, with the helping hands of a master relationship expert like Joshua Pellicer, author of the Tao Of Badass, you can be a successful man with women.

What you’ll learn, step by step, quickly and easily:

  • Male and female gender roles – and why they matter
  • How to be a real man, not a pathetic “macho man”
  • How to massively increase your confidence
  • How to easily, quickly, permanently change your beliefs about yourself for the better
  • What women want in a man – and how you can get those qualities instantly
  • How to be with women to give you almost guaranteed mutual attraction
  • The stages of any relationship – and what to do in each of the stages
  • The clues she’s giving you that she finds you interesting or attractive
  • How to get out of the “friend zone” and into the bedroom zome
  • The skills and knowledge you need to deepen a relationship
  • How to give a woman what she wants and needs (even if she doesn’t know it)
  • The ways all women test men – and what she expects you to do in response
  • Body language: hers and yours – what it means and how to change it
  • Communication on every level: subliminal, deliberate, relaxed, natural

This review of the Tao of Badass has several sections, which you can see across the top of this page.

That’s because there’s so much information here I want to give you the best possible chance of really understanding what a fantastic program this is, how it can change your life for ever, and how it can get you what you want RIGHT NOW.