Just What Is The Tao – and Does It Help To Be A Badass?

OK men! Listen up! This is a review of the Tao of Badass, and the reason it’s here is because I’m a man who separates truth from fiction.

I’m not going to tell you whether or not to buy the Tao of Badass because you can decide that for yourself.

Instead, I’m going to tell you what’s in The Tao, why it’s claimed to be the top dating, relationship and seduction system for men, and why I think it’s going to get you any girl you want.

Tao of Badass - seduction technques
Seduce women with Tao of Badass

You see, whether or not a woman is attracted to you or not is mostly about your confidence, your technique, your sense of humor, and whether or not you show her the right attitude.

Yes, seduction is more about confidence and technique than looks, cock size, physical build, money, wealth, education or class….

And also whether or not you have the right masculine qualities – you could call them dominance, male power, and emotional strength, or whatever.

The good news is that the Tao of Badass is the easiest way of developing all these qualities – and it WILL make you desirable and attractive to women.

But Isn’t This Just Another
“Pick Up Artist” Scam?

Maybe this all sounds a bit far-fetched. And some of you will know that the Internet has been home to a lot of men calling themselves the “seduction community” for a very long time.

And this seduction community is all about chatting up women, often in a very disrespectful way – a way that’s supposed to make a woman see your dominance. This is crap. And most of these guys have been totally discredited….

But funnily enough, the Badass eBook – which uses none of those doubtful techniques – is the highest selling dating product ever on the net.

Badass swept through the world of the Internet like wildfire, and it continues to sell extraordinarily well even now, about 4 years after it was launched. That’s because it’s decent, honest, truthful – and it works.

So what is it about the Tao of Badass that you need to know if you want a relationship of any kind with a woman?

To help you decide, I’m going to tell you what’s in it. Then you can decide if you want to buy it. That’s a simple, honest and genuine approach.

So, first of all, what the heck is “Badass” all about?

You may well ask. A “bad ass” is a man who knows about women. It just means a man who’s successful with women – look in the dictionary: you’ll see the definition’s in there.

So it means a successful man, a man who understands the techniques and tricks and behaviors that draw a woman magnetically to him, almost irresistibly.

And it’s not about manipulation, even though it might sound like that.

The Tao is “the way”, so the whole thing means the way of the strong man.

Badass is about adopting and using the behaviors that women actually want you to display as a man.

When you do these things, it’s easy to talk to women, it’s easy to approach them, it’s easy to turn them on, and it’s very easy to get into a relationship – whether that’s a short-term sexual relationship or a longer term relationship.

So there’s a lot to be gained here.

In fact, if the Tao Of Badass actually does what it claims, then you’re going to benefit hugely as a man when you buy it and try out the simple techniques it describes.

Even if you’re a guy who’s lacking confidence, even if you’re a guy who’s not very good looking, you’ll find this is the key to getting what you want in life – sex, a relationship, marriage, whatever. But let’s not leap ahead too fast!

So Why Do You Need The Tao of Badass?


Well, did your dad – or anyone else – ever teach you a single worthwhile thing about how to be with a woman, how to approach a woman, how to even to talk to a woman?

Maybe he didn’t even know this stuff, but it comes down to this: you’ll have to learn all about seducing women from someone who’s studied it.

Someone who’s written it in an eBook. Someone who’s made the videos. In a simple form that you can follow.

Because, if you follow the instructions in the Tao of Badass, you WILL find the right women come into your life.

Now, if you’re a man who wants relationships with women to be better (or even to have one for the first time) you’re probably getting a sense of how powerful this program really is.

After all, it offers the secrets of getting together with a woman, clearly, step by step, explained in both a video series and eBook. And you can use it to get together with the woman of your choice.

These are life-changing possibilities.

Whether you want to go through a phase of screwing around with a lot of women, or whether you want a long-term romantic relationship, this is worth looking at. Seriously.

What’s In This eBook?

The first part of the book is about some basic stuff which is essential to knowing how you as a man should approach women. And look, this doesn’t matter whether you think we’re living in a lovey-dovey world of gender equality or not.

The truth is both men and women respond to certain types of behavior in the other sex.


We are programmed that way. It’s genetic. We can’t escape our genetic inheritance, because it drives our deepest behavior.

So the first thing you learn when you buy the Tao of Badass is why male and female gender roles matter. You find out how real men behave, and I don’t mean pathetic macho men. I mean real men.

Got the difference? A real man is a man who’s naturally confident with women. Confident in his own masculine power. That’s the Tao that makes you a Badass!

When you absorb the information in the Tao, you’ll find out precisely how you can increase your confidence to supreme levels around women. Fear will be nothing but a distant memory.

You’ll then discover what women really want from a man. And that man is YOU.

And then you’ll discover how to develop charisma and all of the qualities that make you feel like a powerful man.

Which is what women want, of course. And that’s the power of The Tao Of Badass.

But what else can this male-dating and relationship instruction manual tell you?

Ever wondered what a woman’s thinking? If you know the body language, you can pretty much tell…. which is why The Tao Of Badass explains the clues that women give out: both around body language, the way they speak, and how they look at you.

All these things offer clues that can reveal whether or not you’re interesting and attractive to her.

And, when you find that she’s looking at you in a way that suggests she has a deeper interest going on (come on, she isn’t going to tell you), this eBook and video can tell you how to capitalize on that.

The Tao Of Badass shows you the shocking truth about body language – both female body language and male body language. It reveals what body language means, and it shows you how to change your body language to make yourself look attractive to women.

Before long, you’ll know how to talk to women on every level, so you’ll be able to send messages in your voice, in your body language, in the way you look at the woman, and in the way you approach her.

See? I told you it was powerful stuff!

Video – the Difference Between Confidence and Cockiness. It matters, guys!

Yes: the basic Tao Of Badass eBook explains very effective seduction techniques that can make a woman interested in getting to know you better – and ultimately her interest will be romantic.

And remember this isn’t just about “being friends”! We all want more than that. If she wants to be “just friends”, let her see her girlfriends for a good gossip. While you go and find a woman who wants you in her bed…

In fact, your first challenge is to decide exactly what you want out of the Tao of Badass: you might want sex, you might want a relationship.

You best know the answer to that question.


If you’re struggling to get into a relationship, another thing the Tao of Badass will do is help you understand the beliefs you hold about yourself that might well be stopping you from getting into a relationship with a woman.

(The most common being, “I’m not good enough for her.” Which is the same as “She’s too good for me.” There are plenty more. They paralyze you and stop you taking the risk of approaching women.)

Changing beliefs like these are essential if you’re going to get anywhere with a woman. That’s maybe one of the most important things Badass can do for you.