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The Inner Game

This page reviews a series of videos recorded by Joshua Pellicer in one of his live seminars: the subject is “The Inner Game”.  The inner game is an idea from sports psychology. In fact, it comes from “The Inner Game Of Tennis” by Tim Gallwey, which he wrote in 1974 – the video is optional viewing!

The Inner Game is not the game you play against your opponent, but the one you play against yourself, in your mind, and its principal obstacles are self-doubt and anxiety.

Mastering the inner game is all about how to get out of your own way and let your best game emerge – whatever sport you’re playing. Including, in the game of life, seduction and pick-up techniques. Inner game. Yep, that’s what it is.

The basic questions you’re looking at to give you the power to win the inner game when dating (or discovering new dating & mating techniques) are: Who am I? Who are you? How are we different? How do I meet you despite those differences?

And the tools you get on these videos to do this are all about self-understanding (hacking yourself); understanding body language (hacking the body); understanding connection (hacking connection); understanding someone else and how you interact (hacking the other).

In the space of four videos you’re going to get the benefits of years of psychology training and learn more about yourself and others, than people who’ve been in therapy for ten years.

Your weaknesses will disappear into thin air, your strengths will grow immeasurably, and you’ll grow a lot as a person.

You’ll find out your own “super power”, a “super power” very specific to you for attracting women! Most people never even know that they have it, but let me tell you that once you find it… everything changes. Here are the four types of “super powers”.

You’ll learn exactly which type you are after watching the first and second videos:

  • Super Learner
  • Super Connector
  • Super Framer
  • Super Skilled

And you find out which type you are by answering questions. An example: How do you process information – emotionally or logically? Another: How do you know if you’ve done a good job?  And a third: How do you learn? Also: Who do you admire most? What are the qualities they have/had that you admire?

Once you’ve got there, you can select the set of techniques which is perfectly matched to your natural way of working. You are then in your own power. You then move smoothly into the “zone”…. the place where you ace it. Where it’s all easy. Where it works for you…

The first & second videos show you how you currently avoid focusing on your strengths and instead (unconsciously) focus on your weaknesses.

The secret is how to switch your focus ONTO the qualities you have and how to strengthen them. These qualities are your “secret power.” This secret power lets you choose the technique that makes establishing rapport with women right for YOU.

You’ll find out if you are a “sensor” or an “intuitive”; a “thinker” or a “feeler”; a “judger” or a “spontaneous perceiver”.

Again, you can then use this knowledge to select the techniques with women that will give you the POWER to act from your deepest self. And that’s where you work best. Where you find your success.

The key thing here is that you find out how your natural way of learning, thinking, feeling, exploring, sensing, communicating, whatever, works. And how to identify all those characteristics of the person you’re with.  So what?

Well, now you’ll know how to adapt perfectly to the situation you’re in. You’ll know how to easily build rapport with the particular woman you’ve just met – regardless of what type of person she is. Regardless of how she thinks, feels, senses and communicates information.

Suddenly you have power.

To give you one example: different personality types need to take a particular approach to achieve success with women. So there’s a male personality type which means – if you have it – you should talk to everyone you can, and only choose to “go for” a particular woman if or when he finds himself successfully building rapport with her.

When men in this personality type do that, they find themselves having enormous success.

How to properly recognize your strengths

If you’re getting the idea of why this matters by now, you’ll see the power of this video information. You’ll know where you need to strengthen and change what you do; you’ll know where your strengths lie; you’ll know what to do with the women you meet to keep them interested. Here’s the stuff you pick up in the next videos:

  • The 4 stages to mastering new skills with women
  • How to “reach the next level” with any skill
  • How to shed the “old beliefs” that are holding you back
  • How to begin a new life of constant, rapid improvement
  • How to change negative beliefs about yourself and others for new powerful, positive beliefs
  • How to use a “system” to meet women successfully
  • What being an introvert or being an extrovert might mean for you when dating

Once you learn a simple process to change your beliefs, it will open up every door for opportunity you could ever imagine.

And the real power of these techniques lies in the fact that once you really know who you are and how you think, you can play to your own strengths. You can do what suits you; use the techniques you’re most comfortable with; strengthen your weak areas; and you can develop what you do well. Imagine how your success rate in the dating game will grow!

By the way, changing beliefs is easier than you could ever imagine. With the help of shadow work techniques, you can destroy your old beliefs, and find out how to really believe new beliefs, the ones you’d like to incorporate into your way of looking at the world. These might, for example, include “I’m attractive, desirable, confident with women, getting better at talking to women every day.”…. and on and on and on and on…..

Before you read on, consider this: when, in your life, will you ever achieve 100% confidence?

Complete confidence? Well, if you live your life naturally (without assistance) you might be at your most confident just before you die. However, if you “learn how to learn faster”, then you’ll get confident much quicker. And you’ll be competent much quicker.

Nowhere do those qualities matter more than in dating, sex and relationships.

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Enjoy Total Success Dating Women!