What’s Attraction All About?

Video: Body Language and Attraction

But you don’t have to understand these techniques  to use them and to be successful with women.

In essence, what you’re doing here is using straightforward techniques of body language, communication, empathy, and some tricks to bypass a woman’s “relationship filter”, so she sees you as a lover, either for one night or lifetime – or anything in between.

Clearly you will know exactly what you want: sex, relationship, long-term relationship… friendship, whatever.

Here’s How It All Works For Most Men

Some men have huge success with women, and others struggle. For some, relationships and sex come late or with difficulty.

Somehow some men miss out on the information they need to know, the confidence they need to have as a man, and all the other stuff they need to chat up women.

But it doesn’t really matter: no matter how old you are, and you can get success with women!

The Importance Of Gender Roles 

Women want male power and confidence. Not a weak man, not a fearful man. Maybe you’re thinking, but what a woman wants in a man will be different for every woman.

Sure, at some level that’s true. But fundamentally what women wants is a man who behaves in a certain way – needless to say, a masculine way. So what does masculine mean?

Literally it means a man who is in his male power. And you know instinctively, I would guess, what this means, because we can all identify a man who’s a bit feminized, who’s not behaving in a completely masculine way.

Maleness – or the lack of it – communicates itself to other people. Whether or not you want it to, masculinity always leaks out. 

Now, one of the most fundamental aspects of masculinity is self-confidence, and, like I said before, this is what most women are primarily looking for in a man.

The problem is that most of us were never shown how to be confident, particularly around women, as we grew up.

We depended on our dads, who, no matter how nice they are, generally never spoke to us about (or showed us) how to be a man, or how to attract women.

Worse, boys are often brought up in single-parent families where their sisters and their mothers have tremendous presence and may even inhibit the development of their masculinity.

That’s not a criticism of single mothers, who do a fine job, but the point I’m making is that some men grow up in a feminine environment without masculine role models. And without masculine role models there’s no way a boy can know how to be a man.

Workshops can be a really powerful way of learning all the stuff about masculinity that you never picked up from your father.

And I bet you never went through an initiation process around the age of 12, 13, 14?

Some kind of Rite Of Passage, which would have been your initiation into manhood, the sort of process that would have shown you how to be a man and give up boyish things.

You probably know what I’m saying here: there is a desperate shortage of good strong masculine role models in our society, and as a result there aren’t that many masculine adult men.

Certainly I don’t know many truly masculine men. And if that’s the case is it any wonder that so many men don’t know how to be in a relationship with a woman? 

What Do Women Really Want?

The fact of the matter is this: a woman feels safe and secure with a man who is confident and shows certain male qualities: loyalty, strength and courage, integrity, responsibility, empathy, listening skills…. all the things that make a man, including his ability to control his emotions, anger in particular.

This is the kind of man with whom a woman feels safe.

This is the kind of man with whom a woman wants to have sex.

This is the kind of man a woman wants to be around.

Of course there are individual variations about what rocks a woman’s boat, but overall a woman is going to head straight for a man with these qualities because he is a man who is far superior to the other men around.

A woman might compromise if she has to, because she’s in competition with all the other women in society for the few men like this. But, take it from me, she doesn’t want to compromise.

Now, from the other side of the equation, it stands to reason that if you’re a man with all these qualities, or even with just a few of them, you’ve got a head start on all the other guys.

Get To The Point

I guess if you’re not meeting many women, if you’re not dating many women, or you just don’t have the relationship you want, then at some level you probably think women aren’t attracted to you, or that you’re not desirable or something like that.

You can literally “reprogram” yourself so that the beliefs and attitudes you project outwards into the world are all about confidence and desirability. Women will pick that up. 

And if you use the techniques of understanding body language and reflective listening, deepening relationships, and communication skills, among many others described below, then you, my friend, yes YOU, are going to be so successful with women that you won’t be able to handle them all.

The great thing about this is that it removes the power of “chance” or “luck” when you’re trying to get into a relationship. 

The thing is, luck should have nothing to do with it. You create your own luck by learning how to get the outcome you want.

You see, you don’t just “get laid”, and you don’t just “get lucky” with women, and you don’t just “fall in love” by chance.

Truth of the matter is, you create your success in matters of love and sex, and to do that you need to have knowledge, control and power.

This isn’t exactly being a “pickup artist”, but it’s pretty darn close, and the knowledge you gain in this area will allow you to develop any kind of relationship you want with a woman who’s right for you. 

There’s a hidden psychology that 99.99% of men in the world never even know exists. The map of interaction is composed of four phases: attraction, rapport, seduction and relationship balance.

Humans naturally go through these stages with everyone they meet – though, of course, when a man meets a man meets another man, you’re going to skip seduction!

You can skip any step you want, but doing so will have consequences. Fortunately, the consequences are predictable.

If you skip the stage of attraction, you’ll fall into the friend zone. If you skip the stage of rapport, you’ll encounter a lot of resistance, and any relationship that develops later will suffer from trust issues. If you skip the stage of seduction, you’ll likely find yourself in a passionless relationship and, finally, if you skip the stage of relationship balance, you’ll continuously bounce from girl to girl forever.

Seduction & Pick Up Artistry

Don’t be fooled by the word seduction. Although I’ve used it several times on this website, and you’ll see it used in connection with the so-called “pickup artists”, it really means is a way of showing a woman how valuable YOU are.

That’s all about your ability to strike up and maintain a conversation with her, make her feel that you respect her AND that she is worthy of you, and -most importantly – build rapport so that you make the transition from an emotional relationship to a physical one.

Understand women with The Tao of Badass
At last I understand women!

The simple reality is that seduction is nowhere near as complicated as most guys think!

Break down every single step of you the path, from meeting a woman to establishing a long-term relationship, showing you in small steps how to do everything right, and it’s a really practical and easy system when you’re dating in real life.

Relationship Balance.

What that means is you and your new-found woman will balance 4 factors in a way that makes you both comfortable with each other:

  • Power or leadership
  • Compliance
  • Value
  • Neediness.

You’ll be in a position to manipulate these four foundation stones of any relationship and get the outcome you desire.

This will give you the power to keep the relationship working, avoid conflict, and establish a harmonious relationship that keeps both of you happy and fulfilled.

This gives you a complete support system, explains every stage of a relationship and how to control it, and tells you how to get what’s perfect for you.

Just imagine what this means in terms of your relationship: everything that happens will be because you chose it, not because chance has determined your fate with women.

This give you incredible power and control over your life, with the ability to determine your own destiny.

In short, if you want a relationship, and you want to have complete control over how it develops, and how it moves from one stage to another, the Tao is essential reading.

It will help you in the areas of attraction, rapport, seduction, and establishing and maintaining relationship.

You can now be more successful with women than you ever imagined possible.

Enjoy Total Success Dating Women!