How To Enjoy Great Sex And A Great Relationship!

Confidence And Masculinity Attract Women

Make no mistake about it. The thing that will make all the difference in your success with women is to start feeling and behaving like a truly masculine man.

And to do that, the first thing you need to do is understand what it means to fulfilling a masculine gender role.

Because being masculine is what catapults you out of the friend zone and into the lover zone.

And women test men. Watch this. Then read on.

Of course not all men are the same, neither are all women.

But the most successful relationships, and certainly the most sexually exciting relationships, are the ones where there’s a noticeable polarity between the masculine and feminine.

Most women prefer the more masculine man in the two images below.

Images of masculinity
Images of masculinity -women prefer the more masculine man on the left.

Masculine – feminine polarity in a relationship produces what people call “chemistry”.

It’s what makes the sparks fly. It’s what gives you good sex. Great sex, in fact, that goes on and on, and doesn’t lose its excitement.

That’s the main reason for you to live in the most masculine way you can!


Being masculine is more about becoming who you already are. Let me give you an example.

My colleagues and I take men on a men’s Adventure weekend several times a year. No matter where men put themselves on the masculinity scale on Friday night, by Sunday afternoon they truly understand the meaning of the word “masculine”.

And you can see the change in them. Then they go home and their women respond to them differently. (Often the women are turned on by their man’s new-found masculinity, and they want to have sex.)

And if the men are not in a relationship yet, they usually find one soon afterwards.

How does that work?

Simple. We show them how to be masculine to the core. 

We show them how to be a man who:  radiates confidence in everything he does, whether it’s ordering a drink, buying a set of wheels, or dealing with women. He’s slow to anger, but stands his ground. He carves his own path. He wears, drives, drinks, watches, and listens to what he chooses, when he chooses, where he chooses, uninfluenced by fads or advertising campaigns. He is understated but instantly recognizable. 

He is a cool, confident person.

So you’re getting the idea by now?

Laci Green on masculinity / femininity

It’s not about being a completely different man, but simply about switching on the parts of your own masculinity that aren’t already working fully, or which happen to be dormant because you never learned how to activate them. And no-one ever showed you.

Next Step :

Changing Negative Beliefs

And Becoming Who You Really Are!

It is absolutely true. You are what you believe about yourself. Nothing more, nothing less.

You need to know how to change the beliefs you hold about yourself so that you can be a different man around women.

Let me ask you this: how do you deal with a woman’s emotions? Most men deal with them pretty badly. Men can’t handle these female emotions. So they turn away. And that’s the worst thing you can do.

What a woman needs when she’s being emotional is a man who is strong enough to hold her emotions, to take them without being impacted by them, a man who can see that these feelings actually belong to her and not to him.

Only in this way can she come to trust a man, know that he is strong enough for her. But when she does trust a man … she wants to have sex with him.

Now, if you don’t like female emotions, and you don’t know how to cope with them, that’s probably because you grew up with a mother who was over-emotional and relied on you to absorb and soothe her feelings.

That’s not how the relationship between a boy and his mother should work, and it certainly isn’t how a relationship between an adult man and an adult woman should work. 

Instead, the man should be strong enough in himself so that his woman can express her emotions without impacting him. A woman needs to be emotional: a man “should” remain unmoved by the power of her emotions.

This kind of man is confident about his own ability to be himself in the face of a woman who is raging or angry or… whatever.

  • You can learn to “hold” a woman’s emotions without taking them personally, or being affected by them.
  • The strange thing is, when a man is as solid as that for a woman, she becomes less emotional. Isn’t that amazing?
  • By knowing how strong you are, she knows that she doesn’t have to test you any more, so the relationship settles down to an exciting level of sexual and emotional interaction that satisfies both partners.

How many relationships like that have you been in? Wouldn’t you like one NOW? Remember that might even be the relationship you’re already in!!

Male Confidence.

I mentioned above how critical this is for any man who wants to be successful with women.

You don’t have to be attractive to be confident. In fact, for a woman it’s the other way round: if a man is confident, he is attractive.

And here’s the interesting thing: you don’t even have to be confident. You have to act confident. But guess what? After you’ve acted confident for a week or two, you suddenly become confident.

And what makes a man confident? The fact that he believes he’s confident. The fact that he knows how about showing his confidence through body language, gestures, and appearance.

There are many places to learn about confidence:

So by now it’s getting exciting. You’re more masculine. You’re more confident. You believe in yourself. You’re beginning to find women are looking you in a very different way.


Body Language Is Important

Often a woman watches a man she’s interested in, to see how confident he is.

She will make that judgement by looking at his body language, among other things. This is a natural thing for a woman to do.

Women are biologically programmed to choose the man who will be most successful in reproducing, who will produce the most successful offspring. Guess what qualities that calls for in a man? How about confidence, masculinity, strength… and all the other juicy qualities we already mentioned.

And one way you can display all of these things to a woman is through your body language.

Stack that on top of the changed beliefs you now hold about yourself and supreme self-confidence will be second nature to you within a week or two. At last, you’ll feel worthy, self-assured, self-confident.

Your body language can send out the most powerful message possible to a woman: I am a powerful, confident man. I am the kind of man YOU NEED to be with.

Self Worth And Self-Confidence

Nothing bedevils the world so much at the moment as a lack of self-confidence.

And I mean real self-confidence, not the kind of confidence that comes from being in a powerful position.

That’s usually just a sham hiding a man’s weakness and sense of insecurity. After all, anyone can hide behind a powerful position: that’s why some of the worst dictators and tyrants get away with what they do.

Men like that have no real confidence. They have “position power”. You might even be able to think of a few leaders in the Western world like that. Little boys behind the big front.

But to some degree, most men are like that. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE!

So all of the pathetic ways that people try and make themselves feel better about themselves – bragging, try to impress other people, acting big, boasting – you know what I mean – can go out of the window.

And what happens then is that you have the power to make other people feel good, because you can say nice things about them without feeling worse about yourself. It becomes win-win.

Around a woman this is like magnetic attraction. Women love this: being around a man who makes them feel good about themselves is in credibly attractive. Rather, you become incredibly attractive when you have this level of self-confidence.

Enjoy Total Success Dating Women!