The Basic Principles Of Male Attractiveness

You want to meet more women. 
You want more sex.

How will you get more women, more sex, more romance, fun and friendship, or  whatever you want?

This website is all about giving you information that’s true, empowering, and which will empower you to meet with women.

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Want sex or a long term relationship? Can the Tao of Badass help?
Want sex or a long term relationship? 

How To Enjoy Dating & Sexual Success 

The thing is, whether you’re looking for seduction techniques that get you sex, or techniques to pick up women and develop a relationship with them, there is plenty of information around.

The Tao of Badass can get you a relationship, yes?
Relationship success comes easy !

So what, you might say!

Well, you need to know about the best seduction, dating, and relationship techniques before you can approach women confidently.

And the same is true before you can be successful with women – i.e feel confident about getting sex and/or getting into a relationship.

Of course, whether you learn these techniques here on this website or somewhere else makes no difference.

But learn them you must, to be successful with women.


Before I met my woman, I spent the first 10 years of my adult life trying to learn how to talk to women. I was very successful in meeting a certain kind of woman: and where did it get me?

Nowhere. Certainly no sex, and stuck firmly in the “friend zone”.

As in, “Let’s just be friends.”

Holy sh*t, I used to think, not again. And you know – I had no idea why this was happening to me.

Actually, let me be honest: I was used. I was the proverbial shoulder to cry on.  Was I ever ready to do it? Yes. In the fond and faint hope of getting sex one day.

Someday. Sometime. Actually, NEVER.

I wouldn’t wish the friend zone on any other guy. What I would wish on you, in fact, is immediate, unlimited success with women. Anyway: if all you want is sex, there are some very good seduction techniques in  internet programs. Simple techniques that can get a woman into bed. 

Maybe you’re thinking it can’t be that easy.

But it is – if you have the right techniques of body language, communication, empathy, and you can slip past the “filters” that a woman uses to judge whether she wants to go to bed with a man or not.

In fact, with the right techniques, you’ll be astounded at how easy it is to seduce a woman and have sex with her. True.

But being able to persuade a woman to have sex with you requires you to have certain qualities.

I’m talking about things like an air of masculinity, a level of confidence, a quality that women love, and assertiveness that makes a woman look at you and say “Yes, he knows who he is. He’s a confident man. He’s a masculine man. I wonder what sex with him would be like?” That kind of thing.

She wants you.... you just don't know it yet.

She wants you…. you just don’t know it yet.

Video – Jordan Peterson:  How To Attract Women

What Turns A Woman On?

You see, the qualities that turn women on are NOT good looks, a muscular body, or a good body. They are confidence, assertiveness, a sense of humor, and an air of masculinity.

Nope, it has nothing to do with money either. Unless she’s a gold digger, in which case you probably wouldn’t want to go out with her.

The fact is, if women like men to behave in a certain way, and you can learn how to do that, then you’d be a fool not to do it. If that’s manipulation, so be it. I call it self-development.

So now let me ask you a question: if there was a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 is completely feminine and 100 completely masculine, where would you figure?

If you want to look at a real example of a masculinity – femininity test, check this out. 

How would you like to be 10, 20, 30 or more points nearer the masculine end of that scale?

But Just What Is Masculinity?

Is this guy masculine? Or not? What do you think a woman really wants?
Is this guy masculine? Or not? Let me tell you, this is not what a woman really wants!

Let me be clear about this. Masculinity is certainly not the swaggering macho man, the immature or overblown boyish hero, the adolescent “I’m going to save the world and everyone in it” hero.

Nor is it the aggressive, brutal, violent man – in fact such men are just hurt, wounded children inside. We’ve all heard those guys talking, boasting, bragging.

No, true masculinity, the kind of masculinity that makes a woman’s pants damp (sorry to be crude, but the truth is the truth) is summed up in words like: assertive, courageous, loyal, clear, focused, having a strong moral code, knowing who you are, being protective, gentle, able to commit, having good boundaries, respectful of other people, self-sufficient…. the list goes on and on of course.

Those are the kind of qualities that we men should learn from our fathers. But let’s face it, did you? Was he a firm, clear, masculine man? Did he teach you how to be a man?

Fathers play a big role in shaping their sons’ ideas of masculinity 

The father-son relationship and attachment can go a long way in enhancing boys’ and young men’s capacity for developing emotional expressiveness, understanding how to manage their feelings in difficult situations, coping with stress, and normalizing the experience of having negative or difficult emotions rather than seeing it as a weakness.  Research indicates that early onset of behavioral problems in young boys has been correlated with issues such as fathers’ absence, history of violence with the father, negative and harsh punishment, and an engagement of ‘macho’ gender ideals or stereotypes. There is growing body of research to show that nurturing and caring fathers can have a significant and positive impact on the emotional and social development of their children. Read more here.


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