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The thing is, no matter whether you’re skilled in relationships with women or a complete novice, there are always going to be techniques you can use to increase your own confidence and give you greater success in dating and relationships.

The same is also true of sex: no matter what people say, knowing a few good sexual techniques can take you a very long way towards success with women.

All There Is To Know About Sex and Relationships

Actually, to be honest, that’s an exaggeration. The truth is that you might have to look in one or two other places for the sexual information. Did you know that when women are asked what they want most from a man, they say “confidence”. Did you know that?

Did you think they wanted a good-looking man, a rich man, a man with a sense of humor? 

No, what they want more than anything else is confidence. And then they want respect.

So what what does it mean for a man to respect a woman?

Well, you might be a bit surprised by this, but it depends on a few things.

Certainly taking her needs into account, listening to her, being kind and loyal and cherishing her is all part of it.

But there’s another part which fewer men know about – and that’s treating her in the way that a confident man naturally treats a woman.

To put it bluntly, this is about gender differences. About what makes a man a man and what makes a woman a woman.

Men and women are different. No surprise. But we are meant to be different. We are meant to behave differently, think differently, and feel differently.

And when a man behaves towards a woman in a way that’s in keeping with his masculine nature, a woman responds by opening her heart and her sexuality to him.

The only problem is, these days nobody teaches young men how to behave in this way. And like you, they aren’t going to find out for themselves.

Ask yourself: did your father ever teach you anything about having relationships (and sex) with women? No, I guessed as much. 

These are the men who can teach us these things. 

Yes, But Who?

The answer is men who can teach you everything you need to know to have a relationship.

Even if you’re a guy who’s frightened of approaching women right now, or if you’re a guy who approaches them but gets blown out all the time. Even then, there are men who can teach you. 

One of the reasons this approach is that it encapsulates all the things you never learned about growing up to be  a man. I’m not talking about the superficial stuff. I’m talking about the deep stuff that marks a man out as masculine.

It’s hard to explain exactly what this is, because it involves stepping into your masculine power at a very deep emotional level.

It’s about a certain way of being in the world. It’s about living who you really are. (Read more here.)

And have you ever been blown out by a woman, or have you ever been firmly stuck in the “friend zone”? (You know, that’s the one where she says to you, “No, let’s just be friends.” You just know there’s no chance of sex!)

Another way you can tell you’re not in your own power is that you just don’t feel like a grown-up man. You might feel a little bit like a boy or an adolescent; you might feel that you lack power; you just somehow know that something is missing from your masculinity. This reflects some aspects of TA theory.

On the other hand, you might not know there’s something missing from your masculinity, but you know you find it difficult to get together with a woman.

Tell me, do you think that if you were truly in your male power, that would be so?

And no matter how much you might like to blame circumstances, events, your appearances, your family, your history, your misfortunes … whatever it is you blame, the simple fact is this: if you’re not in a relationship with a woman and you want to be, then you’re not in your male power.

Images of Masculinity

Is this guy masculine? Or not? What do you think a woman really wants?
Is this guy masculine? Or not? What do you think a woman really wants?
John Wayne
John Wayne – a macho man on-screen, a gentle giant off-screen
Is this the kind of masculinity women want? (NO!)
Is this the kind of masculinity women want? (NO!)

Video – The Friend Zone

So What Works?

Something that teaches you how to get over the limitations that stop you, consciously or unconsciously, stepping into your male power.

Sometimes these are obvious: confidence, or lack of it, fear, ambivalent sexual desires, where you feel attracted to both men and women, desire to play the field rather than settle down and have a relationship (which is very natural, and something to be indulged for most men as they grow into adulthood), fear of commitment… and so it goes on.

The thing is, most men spend their lives searching for a way to get a relationship or sex with a woman, but they carry on repeating the same old patterns over and over again.

That’s one definition of madness, of course: repeating the same pattern and expecting a different outcome. To get a different outcome you need to do something different.

Maybe you need to learn a little bit more about being a man and relating to women. Here’s what you need to know:

  • the importance of male and female gender roles
  • how you can be a really confident man around BOTH men and women
  • how to avoid the trap of looking like a pathetic “macho man”
  • how to have unlimited confidence
  • how to display masculinity in a way women find highly desirable
  • how to approach a woman with confidence
  • how to seduce a woman into bed
  • ways to deepen a relationship
  • how to establish emotional rapport
  • the stages of any relationship, and how to move it on to the next one
  • reading a woman’s body language so that you know what she thinks about you
  • moving out of the friend zone and into the bed zone

Enjoy Total Success Dating Women!