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Advice For Men – 2

Much has been written in recent years about the nature of love. There’s a good reason for this, of course. Love is a subject of perpetual interest to us all because every one of us who isn’t in a loving relationship wishes to be in one.

That’s probably true just as much of men as it is of women, although certainly women make it more obvious that that’s their desire. The number of pages on the Internet offering advice to women who want to capture a man’s love – indeed, who want, as the cliché has it, “to capture his heart and make him love you forever” – is absolutely enormous.

It must run into the millions. This is a powerful tribute to the drive which exists in every woman to find a way of making a man love her.

Now the irony of this, of course, is that nobody can “make” another person love them.

Love develops naturally between two people because they find a mutual attraction which grows into a sense of intimate connection and affection.

Scientist may write volumes about the nature of love, but in essence it comes down to a few simple qualities which two people express towards each other.

I’d some these up as respect, loyalty, honoring, intimacy, integrity, authenticity, and heart connection. Within all of those words lies a great panoply of human behavior. For example, respecting someone means treating them in the way that you yourself would hope and expect to be treated. Loyalty and integrity mean keeping the commitments one has made to another person.

And so it goes on.

Signs of a great relationship

Which brings us to the interesting question: what is it that men need to do to have a woman love them with sincerity, in such a way that they can genuinely return that love, stay faithful and have a pleasurable relationship with the woman?

Perhaps the first thing men need to understand is that falling in love and committing to one single woman for a man is biologically a big deal.

Men are probably genetically programmed to have sex with as many women as possible.  It is Mother Nature’s way of ensuring the survival of the species. And even though we as humans have developed a level of rational and logical thinking which goes well beyond the primal instincts of our ancestry, the truth is that those instincts are still alive and well in each and every one of us.

It takes intention, conscious choice, and clear commitment on the part of a man to commit to a single woman and be faithful to her in the face of the temptations that will be offered to him (inevitably) in everyday life. These are very Sovereign qualities. You can read more about the Sovereign within each of us here.

And perhaps the size of that investment is reflected in the way that women respond when they experience commitment from a man.

They are likely to open their hearts, to demonstrate the best parts of themselves, to show the man that he is in fact their beloved, and that they will literally do anything for him, to keep him happy and to please him.

Where things go wrong, I believe, is that men don’t respond to this in the openhearted way that would satisfy a woman.

Women spend a great deal of time trying to make men love them, trying to engineer loving relationships, and to find understanding and acceptance in a man.

Of course neither man nor woman can understand the other, at least not deeply and truly, because we are very different. So often a woman’s efforts are thwarted when the man doesn’t respond with a wholehearted commitment that would allow her to give herself to him completely and utterly.

He holds back partly because of his biological instincts, partly because of a sense of fear that he might be missing out on something better. But really, half-hearted relationships are not going to work terribly well. A man and woman need to commit fully to each other.

There’s no doubt that total commitment leads to a better relationship: it leads to better sex, and it leads to more eagerness on the part of the woman to enjoy sex with her man.

A relaxed kind of ease with each other which holds no resentment, and which allows both man and woman to feel trusting, happy and safe with each other is absolutely vital to a good relationship.

There are many ways in which people can accentuate their relationship, but they do take work.

Certainly one of the most obvious is working on the emotional baggage which we all bring from childhood into adult relationships, in which we project onto our partners the qualities of our parents and significant caregivers. This is called shadow work. Read more about this here.

(You can also read much more about the theory and practice of healing the shadow here.)

Only by deep personal work can such issues be dealt with. That way, you can truly see your partner as he or she genuinely presents him or herself to the world. And that means seeing all his or her failings, weaknesses, and all their other glorious aspects of humanity.

Many of the websites on the Internet which talk about relationships will  purport to offer secrets of how men and women can get together and enjoy a relationship of great harmony and ecstasy.

But really, the key is very simple:  to enjoy a successful relationship with another person you need to embody high standards of emotions, thoughts, feelings and behaviour. 

For a man, the qualities that he must exemplify in a relationship are honesty, loyalty, integrity, authenticity, open heartedness, and a willingness to be intimate with his partner, no matter how threatening that may feel to him.

For a woman, the values that she needs to exemplify are faithfulness, respect, love, devotion, and open heartedness.

How to have a great relationship

But it’s worth mentioning in passing, that the two qualities which each gender has to display in a relationship to ensure the complete and utter devotion of their partner are different.

If you are a woman, it’s respect – you must respect your man, and never emasculate him in word or deed.

If you are a man, you must cherish your woman above and beyond all else.

And only when a couple are prepared to enter into such a dynamic will true harmony and profound connection develop between them.

Some Thoughts On Men and Sex

Men and Sex

Concerns about performance and anxiety about sex are normal. Indeed they’re common, perhaps universal, in men. After all, many men feel they may not be good enough. It’s what is known in the Psychological World as a Sovereign wound. After interviewing 125 men of all ages for their book “What Really Happens in Bed”, Steven Carter and Julia Sokol concluded that “all men have sexual anxieties”.

More specifically: young men are anxious that their inexperience will show; they are also typically anxious about premature ejaculation and whether they know enough about female anatomy.

Middle-aged men are worried that their erections are not as firm, or quickly achieved, as they were when they were in their late teens and early twenties.

Older men worry that erections are less frequent, less firm, and more temperamental.

In The Hite Report on Male Sexuality, Shere Hite reported that a majority of her seven thousand respondents had concerns about getting and keeping erections and ejaculating too quickly.

There is good reason to believe, therefore, that there’s nothing abnormal or unusual about men’s being anxious about sex. Indeed, since sex is so fraught with difficulties, risk and threats, there is no wonder that the Magician archetype – read about it here –  is active in the form of an internal “Safety Officer” in so many men.

Another place where our ideas of normality are way off the mark is in the area of sexual problems. Such problems, most of us think, are rare. But is that really the case? A review of community studies by llana Spector and Michael Carey found that about 7 percent of men have chronic erection problems, while about 37 percent suffer from chronic rapid ejaculations.

The same review found that about 5 percent of men have difficulty ejaculating with their partners and about 16 percent complain of low sex drive.

That’s a lot of male sexual problems. And some difficulties weren’t even considered. These included a sex drive that’s extremely different (higher or lower) to your partner’s, and dissatisfaction with the experience of sex even though there aren’t any functional problems. 

To add to this, we need to recall that most men occasionally don’t function as they desire. In Shere Hite’s large sample of men, 65 percent answered “yes” when asked if they had ever had difficulty having an erection when they wanted one, and 70 percent said they had ejaculated more quickly than they had wanted on at least one occasion.

I hope the point is clear: Sex problems are normal and typical. I know, I know, all of your buddies are functioning perfectly and never have a problem. If you really believe that, well…..just take it from me, it’s not true.

In case you’re wondering about women, one authority found that about the same proportion of women as men have chronic or sporadic problems with sex; these include difficulties getting aroused and having orgasm, painful intercourse, and low desire.

For both men and women, it seems, sex problems are not unusual. While I grant it doesn’t feel good when you have a problem, it’s just part of the human sexual condition. The Lover archetype – you can read about that here – is a very tender and delicate thing!

Once you have those issues out of the way, ensure that you are bringing lots of passion to your lovemaking, which you can do by engaging in lots of foreplay and communication with your partner.

Sharing what you want to do with them, or discussing sex with them before you go into the bedroom, can bring you closer, establish intimacy, and make sex less inhibited.

This can be especially useful if one of you wants to experiment in bed and the other is more restrained and needs encouragement to open up sexually.

What About Masturbation?

In America, the vast majority of boys start masturbating sometime during puberty, and most of them continue to pleasure themselves for the rest of their lives. Estimates are that about 70 percent of married men sometimes stimulate themselves (as do a similar percentage of married women).

Although there is nothing abnormal or unnatural about self-pleasuring, many people feel ashamed or guilty about it. It seems selfish and too explicitly sexual (you can’t pretend you’re doing it for anyone else’s benefit or for anything but sexual pleasure).

A real man, we think, would be able to find a partner with whom to have sex rather than being left to his own devices.

If he already has a partner, then why on earth would he want to have sex by himself?

 A married man, although still enjoying sex in his fifties, expressed his concern like this: “I’m embarrassed about this, but I’ve masturbated once a week or so all through my marriage. It’s not that my wife leaves anything to be desired. She’s a wonderful sex partner and rarely turns me down. But there are times when it just seems easier to do it myself. This isn’t taking anything away from what we have together, it’s just a separate thing. I think she’d be shocked and hurt if she found out and I wouldn’t know how to explain myself.”

It’s understandable that masturbation should make us feel uneasy. Sex by oneself for one’s own pleasure – where even the pretence of trying to conceive didn’t exist – was always at or near the top of the worst sexual abuses in Western cultures, the mere mention of which was enough to send religious and medical “experts” into a state of hysteria.

The terms they used to refer to the act -“self- abuse” or “self-pollution” and “the solitary vice”- reflect their attitude. It was only about forty years ago that the American Medical Association and the Boy Scout Manual dropped their opposition to masturbation.

Although virtually all medical and psychological experts today consider the activity quite normal, we aren’t that far removed from the days when it was considered anything but normal. Here’s some information on why men in relationships might masturbate.

Despite its reputation, masturbation actually has a number of uses and benefits.

For example, it’s fun, one of the small pleasures of life. What’s wrong with making ourselves feel good? In masturbation you don’t have to look your best, and, as Woody Allen put it, it’s sex with someone you love. Here’s some information on male archetypes and sexuality.

You don’t have to concern yourself with anyone else’s feelings, desires, or goals. You can do whatever you want for as long or as short a time as you like and get whatever you want out of it.

Partner sex, while certainly having advantages of its own, does require that we carefully attend to the desires of our partner and synchronize our behavior with hers, and that’s not something one always wants to do.

Even if you’re committed to partner sex as the best way of satisfying your erotic needs, there may, be times when you don’t have a partner or the partner you do have isn’t available because of illness, fatigue, or something else. Why deny yourself sexual pleasure at such times?

If you would like to understand how the different parts of yourself interplay in your sexual experiences, a great way to learn more is to study the theory of archetypes: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover. 

Masturbating in certain ways can help overcome sexual problems such as erection difficulties and rapid ejaculation.

The only sense in which masturbation can be said to be bad is when a man regularly uses it as a substitute for sex with his partner.

That is, whenever he feels sexy he satisfies himself and rarely or never wants sex with his partner. Understandably, the partner may feel less than ecstatic about this state of affairs.

Usually something else is involved.

The man is unhappy about either the partner or relationship, about himself or about sex with her. And of course, he may be unhappy with his tendency to premature ejaculation.

Because most of us still feel somewhat uneasy about masturbation, we may try to hide it. When a man is walked in on by his partner while masturbating, instead of simply acknowledging what he is doing, he often denies it. How much better and easier if he could just say what he was doing.

Yet it’s possible the woman may not feel good about what he’s doing, just as he feared. She may feel that her attractiveness or skillfulness is inadequate if he masturbates even though she’s available.

Such feelings need to be talked about. Especially when they concern sexual dysfunction and premature ejaculation. 

They stem from our culture’s narrow view of sex. The only rules necessary for good sex are consent (if you’re doing it with someone else, they must agree to the activity), honesty (don’t say things that aren’t true), and responsibility (it’s not right to make babies when you don’t want them, to spread disease, or to behave in ways that are disrespectful of your partner).

Aside from these things, anything goes. It’s perfectly fine to masturbate even though you have a sexual partner, it’s fine to masturbate in her presence or with her participation, it’s fine for the two of you to masturbate together, and it’s just as fine for either of you to stimulate yourself during an erotic encounter together.

Just because you have a partner who’s available to have oral sex or intercourse or any other sexual activity doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll always want to engage in that activity with her. There are times when you may simply prefer to stimulate yourself despite your partner’s availability.

As far as I’m concerned, the same rules apply to self- stimulation as to any other sexual activities. If whatever you’re doing isn’t hurting you, your partner, or your relationship, why not just enjoy yourself?

Advice for men!

Is it true that our ever present sex drive is physical in origin, that we are born with it and have to live with it? Well, it’s only part of the truth, though quite an important part.

How is it physical? How does it work?

In our body there are a large number of glands known as “ductless glands” because they release the substances they produce directly into the bloodstream.

They are also called endocrine glands. The substances they make are called hormones, and hormones are chemical messengers, which, carried by the bloodstream to distant parts of the body, produce a stimulating or modifying effect on growth and function..

There are numerous hormones produced in our bodies, but we are concerned with only one set of them – the sex hormones – which control the development of the sex characteristics.

The male sex hormones are called androgens, the female sex hormones, estrogens.

Both sexes have some of both kinds, but the male produces more androgens than a female, and the female more estrogens than the male.

The male sex hormone we are most concerned with is testosterone which is produced by the man’s testes. Some is produced by the adrenal glands in both sexes.

Men produce much more than women, because besides regulating the sex-drive, testosterone is also responsible for the growth of his pubic hair, the hair under his arms, on his chest, belly and face, and for the breaking of his voice. Also his muscular development – and of course his sex drive.

The differences in strength of the sex drive between individuals is accounted for by the fact that some of us produce more testosterone than others.

We also vary in our own production of testosterone from time to time – which is why we can have periods when our sex drive is not so strong as it usually is.

We might also ask how a man with normal testosterone can experience delayed ejaculation – surely, you might think, the pressure of normal sexual tension would lead to ejaculation. Not so, it would seem. Check out the causes of this problem here.

This can happen in times of illness, or fatigue from overwork, or if we are under psychological stress of one kind or another.

If we have a deficiency of testosterone, our sex drive may disappear altogether. This can happen in both young and middle-aged people, but is found most often among the elderly.

As we grow older, like all the other organs of our body, the testicles and ovaries age, and consequently don’t produce so much of their vital hormones.

This results in our progressively not feeling the urge to make love as often as we did when we were younger. Even the highly-sexed with a young sex drive that ranges from four or five times daily, find in their 60s that this arousal rate drops, perhaps to twice daily.

We experience the sex drive because testosterone builds up a physical tension in our bodies and the area surrounding our external genitals – the penis in the man, the clitoris, labia and breasts in the woman.

If we don’t respond to this tension when we become aware of it, it goes on building up, until we get in a state of physical sexual arousal.

The man has an erection, and the woman’s nipples stand up and grow hard, her clitoris perks up its head from its protective hood, her labia swell, and the sensitivity of her vaginal entrance increases.

A man’s sensations of sexual arousal are concentrated in his penis, while a woman’s tend to be much more diffuse and are felt over a large area of her body.

Of course we must always consider the effect of the emotions on sexual attraction and arousal.

We all knew how sexual desire can be based on physical attraction; this is a response based on some innate impulse within the brain to mate with another individual – you can see it as a biological instinct for the continuation of the species.

But because we are human, it is often a feeling of love which promotes sexual interest in another person. not simply physical desire. The extent to which love in itself is based on physical attraction, rather than, say mutual interest, affection, and common interests and a shared outlook on the world, is open to question.

When we fall in love, however, it is much more than just a physical response in the body which we might choose to call lust. There is a part of the psyche known as the Lover which accounts for some of this complexity.

The functions and operation of our mind and brain are very sophisticated, as this analysis of the Lover archetype demonstrates very clearly. We can regard this part of ourselves, our Lover archetype, as controlling all aspects of our human interactions in the area of emotion we know as “love”. (If you want to know more about archetypes in general, this is a good resource on magician, lover, sovereign and warrior archetypes.)

Sexual Arousal In Men

Under sexual stimulation the sperm leave the two epididymices, which are sited one at the top of each testicle, where they are stored and make their way up the spermatic ducts, eventually reaching the seminal vesicles. Here they join other fluid, and as sexual excitement mounts, sperms plus seminal vesicle fluid leave the vesicles and continue on their way until they come to the prostate.

The prostate is a gland and a muscle, which is situated round the tube which empties the bladder, the urethra, just below the bladder.

The prostate also produces a fluid which gives semen its distinctive scent. The sperm plus vesicle fluid join the prostatic fluid, and as excitement increases until the point-of-no-return is reached, sperm plus vesicle fluid plus prostatic fluid, which all together make up semen, pass up the urethra through the penis to the  opening there.

The seminal vesicles produce their fluid continuously, so, if the man doesn’t reach orgasm, sooner or later the vesicles are going to be full. This fullness in the vesicles sets up feelings of physical tension in the pelvic area, and in the genital region, which is transmitted to the brain, which, in turn, puts sexual thoughts in the mind, and the mind sends messages back to the genitals which stimulate them even more.the man finds that sexual activity in one form or another – intercourse if a partner is willing, masturbation if she is not – is absolutely necessary to get rid of the physical tension, pleasant though it is.

If the man does not have any sexual activity, the seminal vesicles may empty themselves while he is asleep. He has an erection and full orgasm with ejaculation, which is usually accompanied by a highly erotic dream. This is the so-called ‘wet dream‘.

When the man consciously responds to this physical tension set up by the full seminal vesicles, he is responding to his sex-drive.

The average man between 18 and 35 takes about 30 days of total abstinence from sexual activity ending in ejaculation and orgasm for his seminal vesicles to become full to overflowing.

But there are considerable variations to this which are the result of the size of the seminal vesicles themselves, or the amount of testosterone produced by the testicles, or both.

This is the biological background of what the man’s involuntary sex-drive. I want to stress involuntary because there is also a ‘voluntary’ sex-drive.

I’ve just said that the average man’s seminal vesicles fill up after 30 days of abstinence, and that this filling up results in his ‘involuntary’ sex-drive.

But if the average man reacted sexually only to his ‘involuntary’ sex-drive, he would only make love twice every seven days.

But statistics show that the average man has intercourse three or four times a week. When he is not making love in response to his ‘involuntary’ sex-drive, I say he is responding to his ‘voluntary’ sex-drive.

The ‘involuntary’ sex-drive is physical in origin, while sexual desire is its psychological counterpart.

Many people are unaware of the tremendous part played by the mind in our actual sexual physical functioning. Nowhere do you see that more clearly than in the reasons why a man cannot reach climax during intercourse (read more here).

This is probably most clearly revealed, I think, by the fact that only between five and ten per cent of all cases of male impotence and premature ejaculation, and of female inability to reach orgasm have physical (organic) causes, the remainder having purely psychological origins.


Let’s apply this to sexual desire. The male reacts sexually rather more readily to visual stimuli than does the female. This is why porn has such vast sales.

Until you’re getting in years and/or have had such an amount of sexual experience that you have become a bit blase about it, just looking at pictures of a nude girl of the type that appeals to you, can set you off imagining what it would be like to be on the bed with her.

Then, before you know it, you have an erection, and your penis is call for attention! Now only a good orgasm will release you from your physical and mental tension!

Tao Of Badass Review

Dating and Mating

One thing women don’t understand about men and dating is the courage it takes a man to approach a woman and ask her out.

Rejection isn’t great, even if you have a strong self-esteem. None of us want to face it.

Fortunately, the Tao of Badass, subtitled “Everything you need to know to be a Badass with women“, can give you all the tools, tricks, techniques and information you need to really be confident in approaching women, asking them out, and succeeding in seducing them (or, if you prefer “charming” them).

Yes, you will be able to live up to the title of the program – and be a Badass – yes,  you really can be a Badass with women.

OK, let’s get one thing clear before we start – being a Badass with women doesn’t mean treating them badly: all “Badass” means is a man who is at the top of his game – in other words, a confident successful man who can ask women out, usually get accepted, isn’t fazed by rejection, and knows that he is an attractive guy who girls find attractive and interesting.

The Tao of Badass is Not Manipulative

Now you might think, and you’d be right, that the Tao of Badass sounds a bit like pickup artistry. Pickup artistry has a bad reputation, quite rightly, because it was really disrespectful of women; in fact it was all about using manipulative strategies.

The Tao of Badass is not about manipulative strategies. It’s about learning to use the natural interaction between men and women in the best way, so that you activate a woman’s interest, “hook” her mind and emotions, so she can’t resist you, in the way that’s been done by confident men for generations.

Now sure, you may not get a long-term relationship, but this truth is pretty damn’ obvious really: if you don’t meet girls and ask them out, you’re never gonna get a relationship.

So really what we’re talking about here are gaining knowledge and understanding of the techniques that will allow you to ask women out confidently, and most of the time, be accepted.

How is this remarkable success made possible?

Some of things in Badass are really straightforward and simple. It stands to reason, I’m sure you’d agree, that body language is hugely important when you’re asking a woman out.

If you’re approaching her with the body language of a man who expects to be rejected, guess what’s likely to happen. Enough said?

Yet if you approach a woman with confident body language – and though I hate to use the expression, the Tao of Badass does make the point that this really is the area where the “alpha male” triumphs – you’ll win the girl. Or at least you’ll win her interest. 

So body language is a big thing here and unsurprisingly it’s power has been backed up by scientific research. Princeton University demonstrated in a study in 2013 that although facial expressions can be misleading, body language tends to be very clear in its message.

woman with negative body language
Body language conveys clear messages!

So if you approach a woman with the right body language, you’re well on the way to being on a date.

The Tao of Badass teaches you the best way to use your body language to attract, seduce, and frankly, get into bed with a woman. But let me tell you again – this is not about being a jerk, it’s not about being a manipulator, it’s about knowing what can trigger a woman’s interest.

Furthermore, the Tao of Badass is great in situations where things are not going so well, where you might get confused and lost. The right body language, the right lines, the right approach, can get you out of the hole and back on track to a great date.

I guess a lot of guys reading this at the moment might be thinking “No, I just can’t do it.”

Let’s face it guys, we’re not all successful in the dating game. The author of this program Tao of Badass, Joshua Pellicer, says that he wasn’t a successful man in the dating field until he took the time and trouble to study the techniques which would really help him meet and greet and attract women.

When even a week nerdy guy – which I think Joshua would admit he was – can do it, so can you.

You don’t even need the confidence right now, and you don’t even need the self belief that you can do it.

What you need is a mental, guide and support, and with Tao Of Badass, you get all those things, either from the author of the program, the program itself, or the community of members which will help you and other men deal with their fear of dating.

The Tao of BAdass
This guy doesn’t know any more about women than you do – except what he read in the Tao of Badass!

You know, I can tell you about this from my own experience. For a long time I was terrified of women, and I was a pussy, complete pushover.

But there was a time where I simply decided I’d had enough and so I made an intention to set out and get into a relationship that was healthy and strong and respectful.

An ideal relationship of strength and equality – doesn’t that idea appeal to YOU?

Now at this time when I was looking for that relationship, boy oh boy was I ever a wimp with women!

I knew nothing about how to approach women, knew nothing about what women wanted, and all I could do was just run around meeting their needs at the expense of my own.

I didn’t know about Tao of Badass at the time, so I’m not going to tell you that I read it and my life was transformed!

What really transformed my life was a slow process of learning techniques to approach women, getting advice from friends, plucking up the courage to face rejection and knowing that it didn’t really matter if a woman said “no”, and above all, not staying in the friend zone with women who were never gonna go to bed with me.

All those women you meet who says “Let’s just be friends!” – what a waste of time! Yuck. You need to be friends with a woman who’s also your lover. 

So over a period of about six months, I trained myself to do the things women seemed to like. And boy was it a challenge. But what I got was a fantastic relationship – now in its 13th year!

Somewhere around year 10, I discovered the Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer. Oh boy, could I ever have saved myself a load of time and effort! Yes, everything I learned for myself from a hundred different places and people is in the Tao of Badass.

Video – Examples Of What You Get In Badass

The Badass eBook’s Contents 

First of all, you’ll find out how women think, so you can communicate with them in the right way from the first meeting.

That makes a woman believe you understand her.

And the finer points of communication with women and what you need to say and do to tap into their curiosity is set out in detail. (“Would he be a good mate? A good lover?”)

And of course this is NOT about being some kind of cheap sleaze ball, it’s about building a real relationship with sensible strategies that are respectful of women.

So there’s a chapter on how you need to “read” women to find out what they’re really thinking about you.

Believe me this alone is gonna be worth all the money you spend on the Tao of Badass – which isn’t very much anyway.

Most guys just never get this right. They don’t pick up on what women are thinking about them. And if you don’t get that right, well, as you can imagine, your success rate won’t be so good.

Ah,  yes, the notorious “friend zone”. What do I need to say about this? Don’t waste your time in the friend zone!

The Tao of Badass offers a way of immediately discovering whether or not you’re in the friend zone, and establishing if you could become boyfriend material for the woman you’ve met.

The Tao of Badass tells you exactly how to do this, and it also tells you how to take your status from friend to lover easily…… 

Another thing that men don’t like: rejection. You and I understand why, having been rejected so many times by women. It’s not really a pleasant experience unless you have the tools to do with it – Tao of Badass gives you those.

But the essence of Tao of Badass is really all about making the right choices so you get rejected far less.

It gives you the tools to make the right decisions about which women to approach in the first place (i.e. can use body language to establish if she is interested in you).

Tao of Badass will also give you the tools to approach women and strike up a great conversation without manipulation, and it will give you the strategies to keep her interested in you. (Ever wanted an insight into what women want from a man? It’s all here.)

One guy I knew, a friend of mine who’d never used Tao of Badass or any other dating system was extremely successful with women.

And what he said to me really struck home: “You know, I just go on asking till I get a date.”

Sure – although this isn’t actually explicitly stated in the Tao of Badass, you have to be willing to try.

I reckon if you use these techniques and strategies set out here you’ll probably come up against the same rate of rejection I did when I was learning to meet and date women. And that was about 60-40. About 60% of the women I approached would want to see me for at least one or two dates.

And that’s fair enough because that you and her a chance to work out what might be possible. Fortunately the Tao of Badass also gives you the right lines to use if you don’t want to continue with the relationship.

So to sum up:

You can develop a mindset for approaching women.

You can become the man women want in their bed.

Badass will teach you how to avoid the mistakes that men make with women.

You will discover the body language that gives you a leg up – so to speak – in approaching women and indeed in making them chase after you!

And Tao of Badass will help you know what a woman is thinking – and why! Read the Tao of Badass and see how easy it is to understand women’s thinking.

And also, the Tao of Badass is great about telling you when the time is come to cut your losses and leave the relationship.

Look, what I’m telling you is that there’s no better program on the Internet, and I’m not telling you that simply because I get commission if you happen to buy it from this site (although, in the interests of fair disclosure I should add that I do).

I’m telling you all this because I want you to be where I am – happy and in a relationship. Short term, long term, sexual, whatever you want…. you can get your woman, get a girlfriend, get a lover – I know it!

I am telling you, loud and clear, that if you want a date and you do nothing about it, you are not taking responsibility for your life. In fact, you’re not really being a man.

Just make the intention to stop being Mr NiceGuy, start being the Badass you can be, and find out how to attract women!

Find out how to date women, easily and confidently, and even if you’re rejected, stand up strong in your power. It really ain’t that difficult.

What You Get For Your Money

The Tao of Badass isn’t just a program that you buy and that’s that. When you join you get access to the members’ area with thousands of men who will support you. It is not a competitive place.

You’re also going to get 150 pages in the Tao of Bad ass eBook. It’s a power packed dating and mating information which you can download as a PDF document.

So I think I’ve said all I have to say…. No, wait a minute. I forgot to say you can get the contents of the PDF as an audio MP3 so you can listen to the Tao of Badass as you go about your daily routine.

Recommended? Yes, of course I recommend it! I know of nothing better than the Tao of Badass anywhere on the Internet for men who want to make date women.

Now – over to you. Learn More or Buy It Here. (Money back guarantee included.)

The Tao of Badass

What You Need To Know To Be A Badass With Women

  • The importance of gender roles, in other words, knowing how to be a man. And that doesn’t mean some stupid John Wayne macho thing. If you know who he was, great. If not, think of a swaggering, aggressive buffoon of a man who knows nothing about what women really want. (Which is to be treated with respect, by a real man.)

  • How to establish rapport with a woman

  • How to make a woman feel safe so she can trust you (and you know where that goes, don’t you?)

  • How to be extremely confident about yourself

  • How not be fazed by a woman’s emotionality

  • How to be emotionally strong

  • How to have great rapport and be strong, both emotionally and spiritually, around women

  • How to be tolerant but assertive and set firm, clear boundaries

None of this is “new man” crap. In fact, women tend not to like “new men” because they see them as wimps. And the reason they see them as wimps, apart from the fact that they are wimps, is because “new men” are so busy trying to please a woman that they lose their own sense of self.

Confused yet? Excited? Ready to go? I guess you might just need the Tao of Badass. Check it out here.

Want To Know More About Being A Badass?

OK. If you understand what I’m saying, then you might be wondering where you get these techniques and skills from. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the answer is for you to read this The Tao of Badass review, and then you buy the damn thing.

That’s because The Tao breaks all these skills down into tiny little steps; you can pick these up in no time at all, one by one. And every time you use on of them, women will look at you with new interest.

The Tao of Badass
Head to the light up the stairs – be a Badass

Two key factors here are body language and communication.

The Tao of Badass will show you all you need to know about the right body language around women, and the right way to talk.

It’s not difficult: it just has to be done a certain way.

The interesting thing is that no matter what you want, whether it’s a date, a relationship or lots of  screwing around, it’s basically the same techniques that will get you there.

That’s because once you’ve attracted a woman and penetrated her mind, when you’ve made her think you’re a good guy, that it’s worth spending time with you, she’s pretty much willing to do just what you want.

The Tao of Badass
Penetrate her mind and you’re on the way to penetrating her body

Overwhelmed yet? Well, don’t be. The Tao of Badass doesn’t just increase your confidence by giving you the skills to approach women, talk to them and be natural with them. It does a whole lot more besides:

  • it shows you what women want from a man, and how to give her those things
  • it tells you how to behave around women so that they find you attractive
  • it reveals how to read the stages of a relationship and what you should do in each of the stages
  • it explains how to read the clues that woman is giving out about how she feels, and what to do if you think her interest level is dropping, to take it right back up to 100%
  • it tells you how to get out of the “friend zone” (“Why don’t we just be friends?”) and into the sex zone
  • it reveals how to deepen a relationship
  • it shows you how to give a woman what she wants, even if it looks like she doesn’t know what that is
  • it reveals how to deal with the ways she’ll “test” you, revealing what those “tests” look like, and what you need to do in response
  • it reveals the secrets of body language, both hers and yours
  • it explains what her body language means and how you can change her feelings using secret communication
  • it teaches you how to communicate on every level in a relaxed, natural way.

And when you know all of that, then you really are living a life according to the Tao of Badass.

Bearing in mind you can get your money back for up to 60 days, if you don’t like the program, you really haven’t got a single thing to lose….. but you might just have a whole load of sex, fun, intimacy and love with a woman to gain.

Read more about the program here.

This site you are reading now contains a much more detailed The Tao Of Badass review than you’ll find anywhere else.  

How To Pick Up Women

How You Can Get Confident With Women, Enjoy Alpha Male Seduction Skills, And Become The Man They All Want To Date and Love….

A Genuine Review

I hate the term Alpha Male, but I will admit that some guys have really “got it” when it comes to dating and seducing women.

The thing is, though, these guys are no more “alpha males” than you or me.

The Tao of Badass
The Tao Of Badass can help you get women – or can it?

The truth is – if you use the techniques that these guys employ to seduce women, or get a date, or keep a relationship going, then you can be just as successful with women as any so-called *alpha male*.

You see, success with women isn’t about money, intelligence, charm, or having a big dick. It’s about confidence, openness, and respect. And did I mention confidence?

I studied the antics of the so-called “pickup artists”, the “seduction community”, call them what you will, for years now, to see if I could incorporate anything they teach in my own lovelife.

I discovered that these guys are actually quite ordinary; there’s nothing special about them. They just happen to know some stuff that you don’t.

The Tao of BAdass
This guy doesn’t know any more about women than you do – except maybe what he read in the Tao of Badass!

The problem is, all the other guys who want to be successful with women see the dates they get, the sex they get, and their ability to walk into a bar and pickup a woman, and then think “Wow, those guys are really special.”

What would you say if I told you it’s just as easy for you to do all that stuff as it is for the pickup artists?

For a while now, these guys have kept their techniques secret, so they can play at being Alpha males, at being special, at giving the impression they know something we don’t.

But now the truth is out!

Joshua Pellicer, one of the original pickup artists, has revealed all the techniques and secrets that can make every man (you included) successful with women in his exciting new program “The Tao of Badass“.

In this The Tao of Badass Review, I’m going to reveal all the things in The Tao Of Badass which will make you just as successful with women as any other guy on this planet.

Just think about that: you – yes, YOU – can be as successful with women as any other guy on this planet.

A big claim? Maybe, maybe not. Truth is, The Tao of Badass is a program that can make you successful with women, whether it’s a date you want, a relationship you want, sex you want, or some combination of all three. Here’s how.

Joshua Pellicer’s The Tao Reviewed

Most reviews on the Internet, as you’ve probably seen, are just sales pitches. I do things differently. I tell you what’s in the program, give you some guidance, and then let you to decide whether you want to buy it or not.

I mean, if you’re wise enough to know that you need some guidance in getting the girls, then you’re wise enough to decide for yourself whether The Tao of Badass is what will help you.

So the question is: What’s In The Tao of Badass?

Well first of all, let’s get this “The Tao of Badass” thing out of the way. I don’t know what the author, Joshua Pellicer, means by Badass, but when I looked the word up in the dictionary, I discovered it says “A male who does things perceived by the world as cool or awesome. ‘Badass’ can also be used as an adjective”.

So you wanna be a guy with attitude, who can do things skillfully with women? Yes, I guess most  guys would think that was awesome, especially if they happen to be sitting on the sidelines in a bar watching YOU pick up all the girls!

The Tao of Badass
You can be this man – in bed with as many women as you like with The Tao of Badass

Before you try this, though, you might want to read The Tao Of Badass. Packed with techniques that will allow you to approach any woman with confidence, “secret” techniques that will make a woman really interested in you, and essential skills of rapport-building, to make a woman feel immediately attracted to you, The Tao Of Badass is the difference between success and failure. No joke.

You’re going to discover techniques to build rapport with women. To do this, of course you’ll need to know what women want, and you’ll need to know how to talk to them in a way that gets them and keeps them interested, and perhaps even turns them on.

Whoa there boy! That sounds like a heck of a learning program….. have no fear, though. My “The Tao of Badass Review” is based on two things: first, I bought the program to read it, so I could see what’s in it; second, I tried the techniques out for myself. So I know what I’m talking about.

You see, the thing is, most guys don’t have much confidence around women, because they never learned how to act when they’re around women.

How to talk to women. How to behave towards women. How to attract women. How to seduce women. How to keep a woman interested.

I mean, we all know men and women are different, right? So a guy has to do things differently with women to the way he does them with his male buddies.

(Treating a woman like she was your male buddy really would be a bit of Badass thing to do…  OK, that’s a joke. I hope you knew that.)

And you never learned anything about dealing with women from your father, I am 100% sure of that. Well, he didn’t know anything about being a Badass either.

As I once read on the Internet (memorable quote time): you can’t go back to the beginning and make a brand-new start… but you can start from here and make a brand-new ending.

And the Tao of Badass is one of the things can show you how to make a new start with women, by showing you all the things you need to know. (What is an alpha male?)

The Tao – Superficial Pick Up Artistry or Serious Relationship Builder?

It’s hardly surprising that opinions of the Tao of Badass differ widely on the Internet. After all, relationships (whether you are getting into one, being in one, or getting out of one) are one of the most challenging areas of our lives!

Truth About The Tao

And uncovering the truth about the Tao is complicated by the fact that it’s hard to find independent, real reviews – because most so-called “reviews” of products on the Internet are just thinly disguised sales pitches.

So when you see something that says “The Tao of Badass Secret Shocking Truth Revealed!!!” you can totally expect to go to that page and be rewarded with some superficial nonsense about how good it is and a discount coupon to buy the product!

So where are you actually going to find independent reviews of this product – or any other like it, for that matter?

Well, if you look hard enough, there are certain places on the Internet where you can find objective reviews: and various social forums being two examples.

The problem is that even when you go to these places, opinions tend to be divided between people who say “It’s the most fantastic thing ever!” and those who say “No, it’s the worst thing ever!”

Clearly this isn’t much help when you’re deciding whether or not to buy the product.

Is she the girl for you? If so, how can you win her heart?
Is she the girl for you?
If so, how can you win her heart with integrity?

I’ll give you an example of what I mean. Read on…

On the goodreads forum, one reviewer gives it five stars and he says: “Badass is exactly that – totally bad ass! As a guy in my 30s, recently out of a long relationship, I’d literally given up hope… of picking up girls like I did when I was in college… then you could say I was a natural. A long relationship totally destroys your ability to pick up girls.”  I’m not sure what he means by that, and I think it’s a strange thing to say, but let’s accept that’s been his experience. He goes on:

“Within a week of happening across the Tao I could feel my personality evolving to the good old days… With the techniques in the course, I feel that women are genuinely attracted to me…  The Tao filled me with so much confidence I feel I could get any girl now!”

And then he gives you a link to The Tao saying – “It’s well worth checking out, I hope it helps you like it helped me.” For one brief moment I thought this was a genuine review, but when I clicked on the link it turned out to be no different to any of the others – a sales link offering a discount ( a discount which you can get if you buy the product from Joshua Pellicer’s own website).

So no help there. Tao’n and Out!

But immediately below this spurious review is an email that says: “I’m the furthest thing from a feminist [yes, this is a woman writing] but this was awful. The only time this technique would work on me personally would be if you were hot and I’d sleep with you regardless of how you were presenting yourself.”

She calls the techniques in Badass “fucking with minds”.

And that’s an interesting comment, because of course the pickup artists’ community, insofar as there is such a “community” on the Internet, has come in for some harsh criticism over the years. They sure fucked with a lot of minds.

(And the criticism is well deserved, in my opinion. Read a 2005 review of Neil Strauss’s book about his involvement in the ‘pick up artist’ community here.  Of course Strauss himself thought it was all wonderful – at the time. Now? Well, just read this. That kind of says it all!)

So if Joshua Pellicer, author of the tao of badass, is a member of the pickup artist community, then this woman’s got a point.

The million dollar question is whether Pellicer is a pick up artist or a sincere and kind man who wants to help other men get dates and into relationships? In short, is the Tao goodass or truly badass?

For me, the pickup artist community – which basically means the community forums where men go to discuss how to pick up women – are inhabited by sad and immature man who generally speaking don’t know the first thing about masculine maturity or how women think and feel – and I’m pretty sure they don’t know much about love, either. So if Pellicer is part of this, I’d never recommend his program.

Of course, any guy who isn’t confident with women needs help and support, but for me that help and support should be about becoming fully masculine, standing in your own power, developing self-confidence, and making yourself as acceptable and desirable as possible to women in a straightforward and clean way, without the use of any manipulation and underhand psychological tricks.

Even if trickery works for a while, no woman is going to be fooled for very long even if she sleeps with you a couple of times.

Sooner or later she’s going to realize that there’s nothing behind the façade, and she’s going to ditch you.

Pickup artists, made famous by Neil Strauss in his book The Game, were famous for negative sinister techniques like “negging” women. That means offering them feedback which could be construed as either positive or negative to destroy their confidence and make them more dependent on you. It’s a filthy little game: sinister, manipulative and totally underhand.

If you’re looking for an honest relationship, this is the last way to go about it.

Indeed, Psychology Today reviewed the techniques the pickup artists use, and concluded it was bullshit: they said “many of the strategies advocated by the community are not currently supported by scientific research.” In other words, they are manipulative and underhand.

Building A Relationship

To the extent that any relationship advice system relies on certain common elements of human attraction, then it’s going to give you an edge. Those elements are: (1) building attraction ;  (2) increasing comfort and trust, and (3) sexual seduction.

In fact they represent the natural sequence of human interaction, so one way of seeing the pickup community is that all it’s about is grossly exaggerating the natural sequence of how we build human relationships anyway.

The pickup artists also give men who lack confidence – and perhaps feel inadequate with women – a series of techniques and tricks which are based on those three stages of relationship building so they can appear competent and confident.

But I believe real confidence comes from inside you, it doesn’t come from using tricks tips and techniques rehearsed by pickup artists.

So, like I said, the question for me is whether or not Joshua Pellicer is one of these pickup artists or not.

For example, one of the techniques which can help a  man get a woman’s attention is confidence.  That’s because women like confident and assertive men. However, if men become too assertive, women are definitely turned off – for very good reasons. Because fundamentally women want to be cherished and loved, not treated like some subservient being.

And the very act of using technique and trickery to appear confident is a betrayal of any woman’s trust.

What this means – to me at least – is that whether the Tao of Badass is a product worth buying comes down to the content.

Is it pickup artistry or is it honest-to-God-relationship-building advice which both men and women can respect?

Well, I would like you to read the contents of this blog, here and here, because I haven’t offered a phony review.

What I’ve done is give you some detailed information about the content of the product. That way you can judge for yourself whether it’s decent, honest and truthful. And most important, whether it can help YOU!

What’s Badass All About?

What’s in the Badass eBook?

Glad you asked! It’s designed for two groups of guys: those who want a meaningful relationship, and those who want casual sex with an attractive woman, either a one-off or on a regular basis.

And your introduction to the world of the Badass – the introductory video on the sales page – is a video that tells you how you can become an irresistible man with women hanging off every limb.

And the fact is, if you want to have several women at once, and screw them all, with or without them knowing about each other, then the Tao of Badass can in fact do it for you.

Want a great relationship? Badass could be the answer
Want a great relationship? Badass could be the answer

But I’m assuming you’re looking for a girlfriend or a relationship. 

And the techniques in Tao Of Badass will plug straight into a woman’s brain, activate her sex circuitry, and put you at the top of the list for bedtime tonight!

That’s because what’s in the Tao of Badass eBooks, PDFs, and video bonuses, is a whole bunch of techniques which actually work.

They’re based on hypnosis, emotional control, psychological manipulation, neurolinguistic programming, and various other interpersonal techniques.

What they’re designed to do is get you over the hurdle of actually meeting a woman, get you into a relationship, and give you the confidence to know that you can easily approach her.

And – just as important, do this without worrying about trivialities like what you can say to her, how to approach her, and what happens if she rejects you, and all that other shit….

Video: Body Language and Attraction

I know these techniques work, because I’ve studied them myself (more on this later), and I have a degree in psychology, and I’m a psychotherapist.

But you don’t have to understand these techniques – even though they are explained to some extent in the Badass eBook – to use them and to be successful with women.

In essence, what you’re doing here is using straightforward techniques of body language, communication, empathy, and some tricks to bypass a woman’s “relationship filter”, so she sees you as a lover, either for one night or lifetime – or anything in between.

Clearly you will know exactly what you want from the Tao of Badass: sex, relationship, long-term relationship… friendship, whatever.

Once you’ve decided that, you can use exactly the same techniques to get what you want.

thetao-1-3And Joshua Pellicer’s Badass, aka “Dating Tips for Men“, is actually all about establishing rapport first and relationship second.

It teaches you to do what some men do “naturally”; it’s like you’re being filled in with the sex and relationship techniques that you never learned when you were a teenager or young man.

Here’s How It All Worked For Me

I have a confession! I used techniques like the ones in Tao of Badass to get into my first relationship.

Boy, was I ever a slow developer! I’d have been the star of the movie, The 40-year-old Virgin, if Badass hadn’t come my way….

(By the way, believe me, there’s a lot of 40 year old male virgins out there, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. But it is time to do something about it!)

Some men have huge success with women, and others struggle. For some, relationships and sex come late or with difficulty.

Somehow some men miss out on the information they need to know, the confidence they need to have as a man, and all the other stuff they need to chat up women.

But it doesn’t really matter: the Tao of Badass eBook is the place where you can get all this information, no matter how old you are, and you can instantly get massive, outrageous success with women!

The Importance Of Gender Roles – As Described in The Badass eBook.

Women want male power and confidence. Not a weak man, not a fearful man. Maybe you’re thinking, but what a woman wants in a man will be different for every woman.

Sure, at some level that’s true. But fundamentally what women wants is a man who behaves in a certain way – needless to say, a masculine way. So what does masculine mean?

Literally it means a man who is in his male power. And you know instinctively, I would guess, what this means, because we can all identify a man who’s a bit feminized, who’s not behaving in a completely masculine way.

Maleness – or the lack of it – communicates itself to other people. Whether or not you want it to, masculinity always leaks out. 

Now, one of the most fundamental aspects of masculinity is self-confidence, and, like I said before, this is what most women are primarily looking for in a man.

The problem is that most of us were never shown how to be confident, particularly around women, as we grew up.

We depended on our dads, who, no matter how nice they are, generally never spoke to us about (or showed us) how to be a man, or how to attract women.

Worse, boys are often brought up in single-parent families where their sisters and their mothers have tremendous presence and may even inhibit the development of their masculinity.

That’s not a criticism of single mothers, who do a fine job, but the point I’m making is that some men grow up in a feminine environment without masculine role models. And without masculine role models there’s no way a boy can know how to be a man.

That’s where programs like the Tao of Badass come in. Badass is a really powerful way of learning all the stuff about masculinity that you never picked up from your father.

And I bet you never went through an initiation process around the age of 12, 13, 14?

Some kind of Rite Of Passage, which would have been your initiation into manhood, the sort of process that would have shown you how to be a man and give up boyish things.

You probably know what I’m saying here: there is a desperate shortage of good strong masculine role models in our society, and as a result there aren’t that many masculine adult men.

Certainly I don’t know many truly masculine men. And if that’s the case is it any wonder that so many men don’t know how to be in a relationship with a woman? Which is where Tao of Badass comes in. It’s your secret weapon for getting a relationship.

What Do Women Really Want?

The fact of the matter is this: a woman feels safe and secure with a man who is confident and shows certain male qualities: loyalty, strength and courage, integrity, responsibility, empathy, listening skills…. all the things that make a man, including his ability to control his emotions, anger in particular.

This is the kind of man with whom a woman feels safe.

This is the kind of man with whom a woman wants to have sex.

This is the kind of man a woman wants to be around.

Of course there are individual variations about what rocks a woman’s boat, but overall a woman is going to head straight for a man with these qualities because he is a man who is far superior to the other men around.

A woman might compromise if she has to, because she’s in competition with all the other women in society for the few men like this. But, take it from me, she doesn’t want to compromise.

Now, from the other side of the equation, it stands to reason that if you’re a man with all these qualities, or even with just a few of them, you’ve got a head start on all the other guys.

Which is why you’re reading this Tao of Badass review, and which is presumably why you are going to buy Badass!? (I hope. Nothing else has so much power.)

Get To The Point, Man

I’ve gone quite a bit here about gender roles, for good reason. But here’s the thing. There’s a shortcut. Yes – Badass.

Because, whether you believe it or not, Badass techniques will make you very successful with women.

Why? Simply because Tao of Badass eBook shows you hundreds of tricks and techniques that will let you change your beliefs about yourself, quickly and easily, so you’re highly successful with women.

I guess if you’re not meeting many women, if you’re not dating many women, or you just don’t have the relationship you want, then at some level you probably think women aren’t attracted to you, or that you’re not desirable or something like that.

You can cut straight through that bullshit at a stroke by using the techniques in the Tao Of Badass eBook and the Badass videos.

You can literally “reprogram” yourself so that the beliefs and attitudes you project outwards into the world are all about confidence and desirability. Women will pick that up. They’ll smell it on you.

And if you use the techniques of understanding body language and reflective listening, deepening relationships, and communication skills, among many others described in The Tao, then you, my friend, yes YOU, are going to be so successful with women that you won’t be able to handle them all.

Just What Is The Tao – and Does It Help To Be A Badass?

OK men! Listen up! This is a review of the Tao of Badass, and the reason it’s here is because I’m a man who separates truth from fiction.

I’m not going to tell you whether or not to buy the Tao of Badass because you can decide that for yourself.

Instead, I’m going to tell you what’s in The Tao, why it’s claimed to be the top dating, relationship and seduction system for men, and why I think it’s going to get you any girl you want.

Tao of Badass - seduction technques
Seduce women with Tao of Badass

You see, whether or not a woman is attracted to you or not is mostly about your confidence, your technique, your sense of humor, and whether or not you show her the right attitude.

Yes, seduction is more about confidence and technique than looks, cock size, physical build, money, wealth, education or class….

And also whether or not you have the right masculine qualities – you could call them dominance, male power, and emotional strength, or whatever.

The good news is that the Tao of Badass is the easiest way of developing all these qualities – and it WILL make you desirable and attractive to women.

But Isn’t This Just Another
“Pick Up Artist” Scam?

Maybe this all sounds a bit far-fetched. And some of you will know that the Internet has been home to a lot of men calling themselves the “seduction community” for a very long time.

And this seduction community is all about chatting up women, often in a very disrespectful way – a way that’s supposed to make a woman see your dominance. This is crap. And most of these guys have been totally discredited….

But funnily enough, the Badass eBook – which uses none of those doubtful techniques – is the highest selling dating product ever on the net.

Badass swept through the world of the Internet like wildfire, and it continues to sell extraordinarily well even now, about 4 years after it was launched. That’s because it’s decent, honest, truthful – and it works.

So what is it about the Tao of Badass that you need to know if you want a relationship of any kind with a woman?

To help you decide, I’m going to tell you what’s in it. Then you can decide if you want to buy it. That’s a simple, honest and genuine approach.

So, first of all, what the heck is “Badass” all about?

You may well ask. A “bad ass” is a man who knows about women. It just means a man who’s successful with women – look in the dictionary: you’ll see the definition’s in there.

So it means a successful man, a man who understands the techniques and tricks and behaviors that draw a woman magnetically to him, almost irresistibly.

And it’s not about manipulation, even though it might sound like that.

The Tao is “the way”, so the whole thing means the way of the strong man.

Badass is about adopting and using the behaviors that women actually want you to display as a man.

When you do these things, it’s easy to talk to women, it’s easy to approach them, it’s easy to turn them on, and it’s very easy to get into a relationship – whether that’s a short-term sexual relationship or a longer term relationship.

So there’s a lot to be gained here.

In fact, if the Tao Of Badass actually does what it claims, then you’re going to benefit hugely as a man when you buy it and try out the simple techniques it describes.

Even if you’re a guy who’s lacking confidence, even if you’re a guy who’s not very good looking, you’ll find this is the key to getting what you want in life – sex, a relationship, marriage, whatever. But let’s not leap ahead too fast!

So Why Do You Need The Tao of Badass?


Well, did your dad – or anyone else – ever teach you a single worthwhile thing about how to be with a woman, how to approach a woman, how to even to talk to a woman?

Maybe he didn’t even know this stuff, but it comes down to this: you’ll have to learn all about seducing women from someone who’s studied it.

Someone who’s written it in an eBook. Someone who’s made the videos. In a simple form that you can follow.

Because, if you follow the instructions in the Tao of Badass, you WILL find the right women come into your life.

Now, if you’re a man who wants relationships with women to be better (or even to have one for the first time) you’re probably getting a sense of how powerful this program really is.

After all, it offers the secrets of getting together with a woman, clearly, step by step, explained in both a video series and eBook. And you can use it to get together with the woman of your choice.

These are life-changing possibilities.

Whether you want to go through a phase of screwing around with a lot of women, or whether you want a long-term romantic relationship, this is worth looking at. Seriously.

What’s In This eBook?

The first part of the book is about some basic stuff which is essential to knowing how you as a man should approach women. And look, this doesn’t matter whether you think we’re living in a lovey-dovey world of gender equality or not.

The truth is both men and women respond to certain types of behavior in the other sex.


We are programmed that way. It’s genetic. We can’t escape our genetic inheritance, because it drives our deepest behavior.

So the first thing you learn when you buy the Tao of Badass is why male and female gender roles matter. You find out how real men behave, and I don’t mean pathetic macho men. I mean real men.

Got the difference? A real man is a man who’s naturally confident with women. Confident in his own masculine power. That’s the Tao that makes you a Badass!

When you absorb the information in the Tao, you’ll find out precisely how you can increase your confidence to supreme levels around women. Fear will be nothing but a distant memory.

You’ll then discover what women really want from a man. And that man is YOU.

And then you’ll discover how to develop charisma and all of the qualities that make you feel like a powerful man.

Which is what women want, of course. And that’s the power of The Tao Of Badass.

But what else can this male-dating and relationship instruction manual tell you?

Ever wondered what a woman’s thinking? If you know the body language, you can pretty much tell…. which is why The Tao Of Badass explains the clues that women give out: both around body language, the way they speak, and how they look at you.

All these things offer clues that can reveal whether or not you’re interesting and attractive to her.

And, when you find that she’s looking at you in a way that suggests she has a deeper interest going on (come on, she isn’t going to tell you), this eBook and video can tell you how to capitalize on that.

The Tao Of Badass shows you the shocking truth about body language – both female body language and male body language. It reveals what body language means, and it shows you how to change your body language to make yourself look attractive to women.

Before long, you’ll know how to talk to women on every level, so you’ll be able to send messages in your voice, in your body language, in the way you look at the woman, and in the way you approach her.

See? I told you it was powerful stuff!

Video – the Difference Between Confidence and Cockiness. It matters, guys!

Yes: the basic Tao Of Badass eBook explains very effective seduction techniques that can make a woman interested in getting to know you better – and ultimately her interest will be romantic.

And remember this isn’t just about “being friends”! We all want more than that. If she wants to be “just friends”, let her see her girlfriends for a good gossip. While you go and find a woman who wants you in her bed…

In fact, your first challenge is to decide exactly what you want out of the Tao of Badass: you might want sex, you might want a relationship.

You best know the answer to that question.


If you’re struggling to get into a relationship, another thing the Tao of Badass will do is help you understand the beliefs you hold about yourself that might well be stopping you from getting into a relationship with a woman.

(The most common being, “I’m not good enough for her.” Which is the same as “She’s too good for me.” There are plenty more. They paralyze you and stop you taking the risk of approaching women.)

Changing beliefs like these are essential if you’re going to get anywhere with a woman. That’s maybe one of the most important things Badass can do for you.

How To Have A Great Relationship

The great thing about the Tao of Badass is that it removes the power of “chance” or “luck” when you’re trying to get into a relationship. 

The thing is, luck should have nothing to do with it. You create your own luck by learning how to get the outcome you want.

You see, you don’t just “get laid”, and you don’t just “get lucky” with women, and you don’t just “fall in love” by chance.

Truth of the matter is, you create your success in matters of love and sex, and to do that you need to have knowledge, control and power.

That’s why the Tao Of Badass is going to be incredibly helpful to you.

dont-talk-to-another-woman_2_300x250The Tao gives you information about getting how to find, create and enjoy a great relationship via eBooks, MP3s, videos, a forum where you can meet other men online, webinars, and personal coaching by Justin Pellicer and other men who know about essential skills in sex and relationships.

For example, there’s one section of the Tao of Badass where you get everything you need to know about sex and relationships, making you so desirable to women that you’re going to be astounded by how things change for you….

This isn’t exactly being a “pickup artist”, but it’s pretty darn close, and the knowledge you gain in this area will allow you to develop any kind of relationship you want with a woman who’s right for you. As Joshua says:

“There’s a hidden psychology that 99.99% of men in the world never even know exists. The map of interaction is composed of four phases: attraction, rapport, seduction and relationship balance.

Humans naturally go through these stages with everyone they meet – though, of course, when a man meets a man meets another man, you’re going to skip seduction!

You can skip any step you want, but doing so will have consequences. Fortunately, the consequences are predictable.

If you skip the stage of attraction, you’ll fall into the friend zone. If you skip the stage of rapport, you’ll encounter a lot of resistance, and any relationship that develops later will suffer from trust issues. If you skip the stage of seduction, you’ll likely find yourself in a passionless relationship and, finally, if you skip the stage of relationship balance, you’ll continuously bounce from girl to girl forever.”

Joshua Pellicer
Joshua Pellicer

I think this sums up very well why you need to know about Badass: it shows you how to develop a relationship that can change your life. The author, Joshua Pellicer, is a highly skilled life coach and relationship coach, who has trained hundreds if not thousands of men in his seminars.

Now he’s providing all this information in the members’ area of The Tao Of Badass. That means you get everything that he knows, all his secret techniques, and all the awesome techniques and tricks that he uses with his students in one-to-one coaching sessions.

The basic eBook of Badass is packed with information, and when you put it in with the members’ material and added bonuses, it’s easy to see how you may never, ever, have a problem meeting women in the future!

Seduction & Pick Up Artistry

Don’t be fooled by the word seduction. Although I’ve used it several times on this website, and you’ll see it used in connection with the so-called “pickup artists”, it really means is a way of showing a woman how valuable YOU are.

That’s all about your ability to strike up and maintain a conversation with her, make her feel that you respect her AND that she is worthy of you, and -most importantly – build rapport so that you make the transition from an emotional relationship to a physical one.

And best of all, Pellicer’s Tao Of Badass will show you how to maintain your relationship in the future, long-term, if that’s what you want.

Understand women with The Tao of Badass
At last I understand women!

The simple reality is that seduction is nowhere near as complicated as most guys think!

And since the Tao breaks down every single step of you the path for you, from meeting a woman to establishing a long-term relationship, showing you in small steps how to do everything right, it’s a really practical and easy system when you’re dating in real life.

Finally, The Tao Describes Relationship Balance.

What that means is you and your new-found woman will balance 4 factors in a way that makes you both comfortable with each other:

  • Power or leadership
  • Compliance
  • Value
  • Neediness.

This may not mean much to you right now, but it certainly will when you’ve read the Badass eBook.

In fact when you’ve done that, you’ll be in a position to manipulate these four foundation stones of any relationship and get the outcome you desire.

This will give you the power to keep the relationship working, avoid conflict, and establish a harmonious relationship that keeps both of you happy and fulfilled.

For a moment, stop and think about how powerful this system really is. The Tao Of Badass is something unique and special.

Not only does it give you the essential techniques for dating, it also gives you a complete support system, explains every stage of a relationship and how to control it, and tells you how to get what’s perfect for you.

Just imagine what this means in terms of your relationship: everything that happens will be because you chose it, not because chance has determined your fate with women.

This give you incredible power and control over your life, with the ability to determine your own destiny.

In short, if you want a relationship, and you want to have complete control over how it develops, and how it moves from one stage to another, the Tao is essential reading.

It will help you in the areas of attraction, rapport, seduction, and establishing and maintaining relationship.

Buying it is easy, and there’s no other resource on the Internet as comprehensive as the Tao Of Badass, which comes with eBook, videos, free MP3 recordings, access to the bonuses in the members’ area, including seduction techniques, sensual techniques, and support such as one-to-one coaching.

You can now be more successful with women than you ever imagined possible.

And finally I just leave you with this thought: in the members’ area there’s an interactive map showing the location of all the other members near you. These men are available to you to exchange ideas and techniques, and provide mutual support.

This is a fabulous resource, almost unimaginable in the days when you might have been trying to get a relationship “on your own”. For example, if you live in Sacramento there are about 1000 men nearby who can help you develop your seduction techniques.

If you live in London, there are over 1500 men nearby who you can join in your pursuit of a great relationship, all available to exchange dating tips and support each other.